Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally made it to Wytheville, VA

I hope to never have a repeat of today! Get ready, because I just feel like whining about it.

Got up this morning around 7am. We each had a bowl of oatmeal with our coffee. I had trouble with getting the jacks down and the slide out yesterday, so it was heavy on my mind if I was again going to have trouble retracting the jacks and slide.
I went to the ignition to put it in Acc., turned on the controls for the slide, pushed the retract button and nothing!  This has happened to me in the past when the battery would be low on charge or a bad connection on the battery. So after trying to start the engine and got nothing, I knew that I just had to have a bad connection.

Sure enough, when I checked the battery compartment, the clamp worked loose. I re-tightened it making sure I had it good and tight. Turned the ignition and the engine started! Now the slide retracted like it was supposed to and the jacks all retracted. I let out a sigh of relief.

Now I head to the car to put the ignition in Acc. position and plug in my Brake Buddy. As soon as I turned the key I knew I had trouble. This battery was low enough to not work the Brake Buddy! Now I'm bummed again! What the heck caused that to happen? Well I thought, I would just plug in my charger at our next destination and recharge up the battery, I just can't use the Brake Buddy for today's trip. Now I make a final inspection of the car and notice the left front tire is almost flat! Now I'm starting to feel like I'm being told to GO HOME!

I tell Wilma about the flat, she gets on the Internet looking up tire repair in the city that we are in, Cambridge, OH. I placed a call for help and within an hour a tire repair man was taking off the tire for us. He left and another hour goes by before he arrives with the tire repaired. My wallet just felt a little lighter after paying my bill of $80.00.

Now we hit the road. Everything is going fine. We cross into West Virginia, stopping at the welcome center where Wilma made our lunch for us. Now we are ready to hit the road again, we have about 290 miles to go to our next stop in Virginia. As we head south we start noticing the green grass along the interstate, also the approaching mountains. As we climbed the mountains, the weather went from sunshine to grey overcast to an all out snow storm! We both couldn't believe it. We are heading south to get out of the cold weather and we are going into a snow storm.

Around 5pm we were within 5 miles of our stop, so we decided to stop at Crackle Barrel for dinner. We found the Crackle Barrel in Wytheville, VA. It was some very tight switch back turns that we had to make just to get into the parking lot. Forget about the RV spots. They were only long enough for maybe a truck and a pop-up camper. So I had no choice but to take up about a dozen parking spots at the rear of their lot. No harm done, there were plenty of other spots open for customers in cars. Kybee showed us how dis pleased he was about going into his cage by barking all the while we were having dinner. We made it up to him by bringing him some of our left overs.

For tonight we are at the KOA in Wytheville, VA. The host was kind enough to let me borrow their 50ft. extension cord so I could plug in my charger and charge up the battery in the car. Hopefully it will take the charge and be done before it gets too late in the evening.

We both feel like we never want to see another mountain! And the roads in West Virginia are worse than Michigan roads! Plus they charge you to drive on them! Boooo West Virginia!

OK...enough whining. Looking forward to tomorrow, it just has to be a better day than today was.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Oh brother.... What a day for you. I sure hope it gets better tomorrow. I hate driving in snow :-(