Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Full tank of Ga$

I thought I would post a few more pictures of our Myrtle Beach trip, along with what’s happening around our place today.

Downtown Winston Salem, N.C.DSC_2066

I drove the MH to Meijer to top off the gas tank today. Afraid if I waited until our next trip to stop and get gas it might be much higher.  I tank was between half and 1/4 full.

Country side in full summer green.100_0923

The limit on the pump was pre set to $75.00. I was working on the third cycle of that limit when it clicked off, full showing $63.00.  That’s $150.00 PLUS the $63.00 for a grand total of $213.00 Disappointed smile.  The cost per gallon, $3.989! Two days ago the price was $3.849, yesterday when we passed the station the price sign was turned off.

Some of the MANY rental properties at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, NC.DSC_2091

The news media are saying that we could see $5.00 by the summer. Wonderful, just wonderful! Disappointed smileAt $5.00 per gallon it will put a drastic slow down on our driving, especially the MH. Not to mention the slow down in the economy.

The best way to get around in this HUGE Campground is by Golf Car as they are called there.DSC_2093

Tina, our youngest daughter mentioned yesterday that she just received her water bill and it was double what it should be. She mentioned that her toilet made a funny noise every once in a while. I told her that is where she is loosing the extra water, the flapper needs replacing. I looked on my busy schedule Winking smile to see where I could fit her in and take a look at the toilet. Looks like tomorrow around 11am I told her.

Our “campsite” with our Killer dog Kybee watching over our rental Golf Car.DSC_2099

Arrived at Tina’s home a little before 11 am today. She was busy as a bee doing her laundry and house work. The girl has her hands full being a single mom, holding a full time job, and still keeping the her home in order! Good Job Tina, I’m proud of ya.

My favorite sea bird, the Pelican.DSC_2173

It didn’t take long to see that it indeed was the flapper valve that needed replaced. Off to ACE Hardware to purchase a new one. Back to Tina’s and the new valve installed within an hour. Job done! Open-mouthed smile No more high water bills for Tina!

One of the high rise hotels next to the RV Park.DSC_2201

Wilma was busy all day today doing laundry and house work also. All the clothes we wore on our trip had to be laundered. Many, many loads to do. Plus we are feeling “jet lag” I guess you could call it, from our ride home.

Had these visitors trying to join us for coffee one morning.DSC_2248

Tomorrow looks like another busy day. We are going to meet our close friends, Gary and his wife Cheryl at the Cracker Barrel in Port Huron tomorrow evening. From there we will be following them to a 50’s & 60’s concert.

So until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. A fifty's/sixtie's concert sounds wonderful. Have fun. I'll bet your daughter is glad your back home to help her out once in a while.

  2. Nice to have a Dad that can fix things and even lives nearby! Great job.