Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy to be Home!

Last night we stayed at:


And they do have Wi-Fi there now, but for $9.95 for up to 7 days was a bit too high for me as we were only staying there over night. We always find this park a welcome for us, as we know it’s only about a 7 or 8 hour drive from home. Many of the sights are black top now, but they followed the terrain. If, and many are, un-level then the black top is un-level. But with our “senior  discount” we paid only $21.00 for a site with water and up to 50amp electrical service. Much better than the $40 something we ended up paying at the KOA a few nights ago.


The temps were in the mid 70’s when we arrived there. We opened all the windows and enjoyed listening to all the birds singing while we ate supper.

The crabapple trees were in full bloom.DSC_2364

Wilma spoke to our daughter on the phone and she told us that they were expecting in the mid 70’s at home when we arrive. (Actually it hit the mid 80’s!)

Leaving the park you feast your eyes on the beautiful white fences and rolling lands for the horses.DSC_2374


I’m sure in our future travels we will be back for another night stay.

Now what I’m about to tell you will no doubt bring a smile to your face if not a full belly roll laugh at my ooops. Embarrassed smile

If you look back at the start of our trip, you will come across the time I had to stop at Wal-Mart to purchase a new battery for the car. At the time I blamed the battery being weak and not being able to keep a charge for the Brake Buddy to operate while I was towing the car.

At one of our rest stops on our way to the KOA in N. Carolina, I thought I would start the car and let it idle a bit. To my amazement the car barely turned over!Surprised smile Now what the heck I thought. I have a brand new battery, this should not happen! So I got the “owners manual” out and started reading. You know, that little book in the glove compartment that NOBODY reads! Well….it states plain as day, when towing, remove the “ignition fuse to prevent the battery from getting drained”. Crying face Why I thought, didn’t I read this sooner! It probably would have saved me $100 for that new battery! OK, … my fault and I deserve it I guess. This will teach me (maybe) to read everything first.  See, I told you, you would get a smile on your face from my ooops. Smile 

So getting back to this morning, we left around 8:30am. I believe the very first exit north of the horse park is a Crackle Barrel. We just had to pull off to get some breakfast. That shot about 45 minutes, but the breakfast was great and started our day out with a smile.

Everyone traveling north on I-75 into Covington, KY knows the long down hill run into the city.

The warning sign just before entering the downhill.DSC_2378

Wilma dreads that downhill run, fearing the worst. I try to help her out by telling her how great the gas mileage is that we are getting going downhill! I really don’t think it helps her though. Be right back But today it wasn’t bad at all because they had construction for about 10 miles prior to the downhill run. That slowed everyone to just about a crawl. Still got great mileage though!Open-mouthed smile Oh yes, there are two things I am never to say when traveling, Wilma’s orders! They are: Oh-Oh, and Oh My God!  Saying either of those phrases for some reason, scares the daylights out of her, so I’m never to say them again! Confused smile

Welcome to Ohio.DSC_2380

We arrived home just before 4pm, after about a 7 hour or so drive. I think that is just about my limit. I just don’t enjoy driving much more than that and I know Wilma and Kybee are just about done with riding by then.

I plugged the MH into the garage to keep the fridge cold, and we will empty out everything tomorrow after a good night sleep.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our “adventures” as much as I enjoyed posting them.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. I agree with Wilma... those are horrible words ☺ Too bad about your battery. I am guilty of reading a manual only after I play around a bit. Sometimes it works and sometimes I am reduced to reading the manual before.

  2. Thanks for the info on the KY horse CG. Don't know why KOA has to charge so much -- they all do...we try to avoid them. Beautiful crabapple pic. Enjoyed the battery story...can happen to any of us:) Enjoyed reading your posts.

  3. KOA's are just to expensive, we bought a membership in CanpgroundUSA, and Passport America, their about $30 a year but if you stay somewhere the first time usually pays for it, they are both 50% clubs and have tons of parks all over the USA & Canada Most parks are good for Sun-thur, and then fri and Sat are full price,but like I said we stayed half price from Sun night to Thurs morning on our last vacation and then moved to a cheaper Stae Park for Fri-Sun.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. KHP is one of our stops when heading north and south. Good stop, but we are always careful about which spot we get , as some are not very level.