Monday, April 25, 2011

I beat the rain this time!

Easter Sunday started out with grey skies, looking like it would start raining at any moment. We had planned on having the family over for a lunch and egg hunt. Scheduled to eat at 1pm, with the egg hunt following.

By 11:45am the sun came out and the day turned out to be perfect! The grand-kids had a riot running all around the yard looking for their eggs. Some with candy inside, some with $$$$$.

L-R. Brooke, Haley, Rebecca, and Dakota.DSC_2395

Savannah, the youngest, was keeping up with them all at finding her eggs!DSC_2400

Each Grandchild gathered on the deck afterward. Dumping their “egg bags” and opening their eggs to find the “treasure” inside. Some of them held candy, others cash. Don’t know which they prefer best, but I do know they all had a great time.

Meanwhile Tina was telling us about her trauma that happened a few days ago. Seems a bunny ran out onto the road in front of her and she could not avoid hitting it. She was feeling so bad about it. Haley, her daughter kidded the others that “Easter was cancelled because Mom killed the Easter Bunny”. Tina didn’t think that was very nice to tell the kids.

Angel and Haley wanted to cheer her up. So as Tina was watching the kids find their eggs, they proceeded to Dr. up one of our bunny yard ornaments and  placed it on the roof of Tina’s car.

A lawn ornament Dr.’ed up to simulate the bunny Tina hit.DSC_2392

When Tina spotted something on the roof of her car, she got quite a laugh. Actually, all of us got a great laugh!

Tina said “ Angel and Haley got her good on that bunny joke!”DSC_2390

Wilma had invited Denise, a friend for many years, to join us for lunch. She arrived after the hunt, as her son was over visiting with her. She just loves my grilled hamburgers and has been looking forward to them for over a week now. We were very happy she could make it to enjoy my burgers and chat with her best friend!

Denise and Wilma, best friends.


This morning, Monday, the weather man on the TV was forecasting that we were going to get rain starting this afternoon and continuing until late in the evening. I hurried with my morning coffee and off to Meijer I went to buy my lawn fertilizer.

On the way home, small drops of rain started hitting the windshield. It didn’t take me long to apply the fertilizer, in fact I think I did it in record time! Within an hour it started sprinkling. A slow rain fell until just after supper. Perfect timing! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Oh what fun, I love a family with a sense of humor. You are blessed!

  2. What a great laugh! Too funny! Glad you got the yard stuff done. Always feels good to be one step ahead of mother nature, LOL! Cheers! ~M