Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last day at Myrtle Beach

Wilma was up before sunrise again this morning.




We had no plans today except to enjoy the RV Park.

Looking North along the beach.DSC_2294

Looking South along the beach.DSC_2295



Enjoying the sunshine. DSC_2311

Just have to have a picture with their Mascot “Sandy”.DSC_2325

The outdoor pool that we never went into.DSC_2321

Some of the beautiful flowers through out the park.DSC_2323

Tomorrow morning we are planning on getting an early start. We really hope to be back home this Sunday. We have about 980 miles to drive to get home.

Of course we don’t expect to have any internet connections for the next several days. So….

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Nice pics...makes us want to go to Myrtle Beach:) Be safe on your journey home!

  2. I have been up before sunrise these last few weeks but only to baby sit, so those pictures look great to me. The park looks really busy compared to the one time we were there.

  3. I would guess the park was about 95% full all the while we were there. RV's were coming and going every day. A very busy RV Park.