Monday, April 4, 2011

The Pier, The Sun, The Great Food

We woke this morning to a beautiful sunrise. I did the Video, Wilma did the pictures of the sunrise.

A friendly neighbor took our picture as we waited for the sunrise. 

We had to have light jackets as the temperature was around 60 with winds of around 25mph.

A beautiful sunrise. 

It was so peaceful and relaxing to hear the waves rolling onto the shore.

Wilma enjoying the sunrise. 

After watching the sunrise, Wilma wanted to find some sea shells. So to the water’s edge we went.


It didn’t take her long to find those shells.


As Wilma finds shells, I found those “footsteps in the sand” from that famous poem I’m sure everyone has heard.

After a handful of shells, we left the beach to make us some breakfast. After breakfast we took a short trip to Surfside Beach, which is just South of Myrtle Beach. This beach has a pier than one can walk out on. Plenty of fishermen but I didn’t see anyone with any fish.

Walking out on the pier.                                                        DSC_2142DSC_2148          


Wilma hates any type of bridge. And this pier is pretty close to being a bridge so it took her a few tries to get to the hand rail of the pier. In the background are rental condo’s.

The side of the pier.

After we had enough time on the pier, we headed back to our place in Myrtle Beach. There we walked the beach, picking up more shells, and just relaxing in the sunshine.
Actually both of us received a slight burn today, nothing serious.

The evening came, time for supper. Our supper was still froze so we decided tonight would be a great night to go out to dinner at a sea food restaurant.


Crabby Mike's was our choice.
Wow was it ever great! Such a variety of not only sea food, but Prime Rib, Chicken of all types and more. Mmm great food!



Upon leaving a gent offered to take our picture. As you can see I loaded up pretty good with the sea food!Winking smile

Tomorrow we may get a little rain. But we are keeping the faith we will enjoy every minute of this trip. More tomorrow!
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. I keep saying the same 'ole thing -- we love Myrtle Beach & Ocean Lakes -- even if it rains. Crabby Mike's not bad either. God bless & be safe!

  2. Thanks for posting about the area - looks great! Might be in the list for late spring 2012. Safe travels.