Monday, May 2, 2011

Future Garden Prep

After mowing the lawn this morning, I set out to do some much needed yard work, trying to beat the threatening rain.

Behind the garage is where we did an “experiment garden” last year. It did quite well last year, so this year we decided to “enlarge” the garden site.

The bare spot was last years garden.100_0934

Wow do I have some serious lawn maintenance to do! Take a look at that wild ground cover, (weeds in my book,) that will need to be killed and the lawn re-seeded. Should be able to take care of it this summer though. Smile

So I grabbed the shovel and set out to begin the new garden. I didn’t get to the third or fourth shovel full when a slight drizzle started. But I kept going.

The overturned earth where the garden will be.100_0935

The sprinkle actually stopped a few hours after I finished turning over the earth. I realize that this should have been done last fall, but I just didn’t have the time available then to commit. In a few weeks I plan on going over it again with a hoe and rake to remove the grass and roots.

Dad always told me that it is not safe to plant any garden prior to Memorial week end here in Michigan. We have had hard frosts at night way into the later part of the month of May! And that would kill, or at least set the growing back for the plants. But that only applies to above ground plants, not below ground plants. In a week or so I plan on getting some green onions and radishes planted.

After a lunch break for a Tuna sandwich, I headed back outside for more yard work. There are a few ground cover vines, the good kind, that need to be transplanted, and some Hostas plants that need to be split and given to Angel.

Hostas plant.Hostas

I ended up splitting two of the plants and put them in cardboard boxes for Angel. She will be picking them up in the morning.

Gotta go take a HOT shower now to relieve the stiffness setting in these old muscles. Crying face The day turned out to be a little cool, in the mid 60’s, and sunny. A great day!

Now…let’s see. What will I be doing tomorrow? Who me? Hon…where is that honey-do-list? Disappointed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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