Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grand Daughter Haley Receives Laptop

As promised, I took Haley to Costco yesterday afternoon to pick out the laptop that she preferred. She had picked out this beauty. Well, not exactly, her computer has a 550GB hard drive without the office software pre-installed.


I took care of that though. I ended up purchasing the Microsoft home and student 2010 (3 license) package Costco was selling.

Today I set up the computer for her. First downloading the Microsoft Security Essentials package. Then downloading the Firefox 4 web browser software. Un-installing all the “junk ware” that usually comes with a new computer. Then installing the MS Office software.  Finally making the “DVD Back-up and Restore set of Discs”.

All this ONLY  took about 4 hours! But it’s done, she now is using her new Dell Laptop, and is a very happy young lady!

I am expecting and hoping that this laptop will last the duration that she is in college.

Tomorrow if the weather is nice, without rain, I hope to get my lawn mowed. It is past the cut height now because of all the rain we have had lately. I might be cutting it a couple times in the next few days. Then will come the weed spray. Already I see a dandelion in the lawn. Confused smile


Until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. That's a great laptop you bought your daughter for school, Fred. Lot's of RAM and a nice fast processor. With just a little attention to keeping it free of 'junk', it should easily last her through college.

    I'm on the 5th year of my Dell laptop right now and it's still running just fine.

  2. So sweet of you, your grand daughter id lucky for having like you grand pa. I love the dell laptop as well.