Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great Lakes National Cemetery

We were privileged to attend the Memorial Ceremony at  the Great Lakes National Cemetery of a best friends brother.

“Ron” was an Army veteran, and at his passing, his wife requested that he be given a Military burial at the National Cemetery. I being a Veteran, was totally impressed with the Cemetery and the Ceremony.

The entrance to the Cemetery.     


Driving onto the Cemetery grounds you first notice the “Flags”. Presently there are 100 Flags lining the drives into and out of the grounds. Very beautiful.

The entrance Flags.


Looking to the left when first entering you see some of the Head Stones. All being the same size, in perfect alignment. Another beautiful and honoring site to behold. Perhaps beautiful is the wrong word to use. Perhaps solemn might be appropriate.



I had never met Ron, but I just knew he was very much liked by the amount of friends and family attending. There had to be over 100 vehicles in the procession to the memorial area.

The first to speak was the local president of the American Legion, followed by a Minister.

There was a “21 Gun Salute” followed by “Taps” being played by a Veteran in a wheel chair, with his trumpet. Another very moving time.



Following “Taps”, two Army Sargent’s marched forward to the “Alter and Flag”.


They proceeded to “Honorably Unfold” the Flag. Then fold the flag again. Give the flag it’s final inspection.


And finally, on bended knee, softly spoken, the flag is presented to the Widow.


At this time a tear came to my eye, and a lump in my throat. How proud I was of these men. How well they handled themselves. How well they gave Honor and Dignity to Ron, our Flag, and our Country.

And then the “Final Farewell Salute”. One that is given very slowly. Very impressive, and meaningful. Not with a fast and sharp motion. But slowly.


As everyone was leaving, I just had to personally go up to each of those young Army Sergeants and personally express my sincere thank you to them. They both appreciated it very much and told me it was there distinct honor and privilege to give this Memorial. That sorrowfully they give up to 10 a day, every day.

Job Well Done Sergeants!

May God be with you, and all active military personnel, and keep you all safe.

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  1. A military funeral is definitely a wonderful tribute to our military men and women. The last one we attended was for Alan's dad, who was a WWII Veteran. It always brings tears to see all the white headstones perfectly lined up and to hear Taps played. God bless our military!