Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Perfect Bird Feeder

I finally found it! Yep, the perfect bird feeder.

With our squirrel population around our home, it’s hard to keep them out of the bird seed in many of the bird feeders that are sold in the local stores. I remember my dad, many years ago, trying different ways to prevent the squirrels from eating the seed in the bird feeders. Never finding the perfect solution.

But I believe I’ve found it! Actually, both of my sisters have the same bird feeder, and told me how well they work. So in all fairness I will give them credit for finding it before I did. Be right back

The “Perfect Bird Feeder”. Bird Feeder

There is eight perches on it for the birds. You may notice the metal cage with the oak leaves just above the eight seed openings of the seed container. The entire metal cage is spring loaded. If a “heavier than birds” weight is applied to the metal cage, it slides down and the metal oak leaves cover the openings where the seed is. It’s genius, and it works!

Our feeder with the birds feasting.DSC_2614-2


Now the only seed the squirrels, and the rabbits get are what the birds drop from above. Perfect!

I purchased ours from a local nursery. I did see them at our local Meijer store also. I’m positive you could also find them on the internet.

The first photo was taken from the internet. It may be made by a different company, but the working mechanism is the same.

So for those people that want to feed the birds, not the squirrels, I hope this will help in your endeavors to find “The Perfect Bird Feeder”. Smile

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