Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rabbit Damage–Bathroom Paint

A few days ago we had another “wild critter” around our deck. You could never mistake a visit from a Skunk! We actually didn’t see him, but we knew he was around, and very close by.

So now we have our Squirrels, Rabbits, and now a Skunk stopping by for a visit every once in a while.

Wilma and I decided to make a trip to the nursery to purchase our annual flowers and garden plants. Along with the plants I bought a roll of “Rabbit fence”.

It doesn’t look pretty, but hopefully it will keep the rabbits out of the garden.100_0956

Later in the day while relaxing on the deck, Wilma and I spotted this guy…

I believe he thinks he has found a permanent home.100_0950

I am trying to get Kybee to chase him out of the yard. But, Kybee must think this Rabbit is a friend and he refuses to chase him.

I’ve been keeping an eye on our “plastic basket weave” fence I have around the deck. This is what Wilma and I have found.

The Rabbit has been chewing and making it easier to enter under the deck.100_0951

Looks like I will have to get some galvanized rabbit fence to put behind the lattice to hamper this Rabbit from entering under the deck. I sure don’t want a litter of Rabbits or Skunks under our deck!

Today was a rainy day, and a perfect day to start the painting of our Bathroom on the main floor. Earlier I posted on the painting of our Bathroom on our second floor. About how the old paint on the walls had a crackle effect. Well, this Bathroom has the same problem.

The medicine cabinets removed.  Medicine Cabinets removed

The removal of wall paper.Removing Wall Paper

Tomorrow the first coat of “Drywall Mud” is going to be applied to all the walls and ceiling. This will cover and fill in the crackle effect of the old paint. I expect this alone will probably take a couple days to complete before the new paint is applied.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Well, obviously you have a welcoming environment. I have never figured out away to keep these small animals away, when they want to be there. Good luck!