Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunny day, Kybee and Bunny

Today started out with the deck being slightly wet from a sprinkle of rain last night. Grey skies lasted until mid afternoon before the sun came out and warmed us up to a sweltering 63 F.

After taking Haley and Brooke to school this morning, I decided to tackle a small job that I’ve been wanting to get done for many years. How’s that for procrastinating? Open-mouthed smile

Many years ago I was tired of paying the high price for DirecTV. I went to our local TV repair shop, who were known to know everything there is about TV’s, Ham Radio, Alarm systems, just about anything to do with electronics.

I questioned them about a TV antenna to receive local channels. Purchased one of their best, and proceeded to install it in the attic. Why in the attic you might be asking? Because my chimney is not high enough above the roof line to fasten the antenna to it securely. I was told by the experts, that it would work in an attic, but not as well as it would outside.

I did not want to install one of those tripod antenna mounts to the roof. Seems putting large lag bolts through my shingled roof just didn’t sit well with me. So my choice was the attic.

It actually did quite well for my local channels. Couldn’t get channel 9, broadcasting from Windsor, Ontario, Canada like I could have if it was outside. I would have to go without my favorite “Hockey Night In Canada” and I would miss those broadcasters, they are the best!

Today was going to be the day the antenna was removed from the attic. Job accomplished within an hour. Another job scratched off the “honey do list”. Smile

This evening our new resident, Mr. Bunny re-appeared in our yard.

That’s Mr. Bunny on the right eating some fine grass.DSC_2437

He has taken up residency under our deck, as Wilma has seen him jump through the small openings in the plastic lattice under the deck. I don’t know how he does it! Doesn’t look like his head would make it through, let alone his whole body!

Now enter Kybee.

Kybee taking care of business.DSC_2438

He casually took care of his business of hiking his leg to do you know what. Not really noticing Mr. Bunny.

Kybee now see’s Mr. Bunny.


Camera ready for some rapid shots, I was expecting to see Mr. Bunny take off with Kybee fast on his tail. What a conversation Wilma, Haley and I were having as we watched what happened next.

Kybee slowly makes his way closer to Mr. Bunny.DSC_2442

Any minute the chase will be on! Even with Mr. Bunny almost as big as Kybee, we figured nothing was going to move in on Kybee’s domain!

Kybee turns away!


Did he think Mr. Bunny was just another yard ornament? Did Mr. Bunny scare him because he didn’t take off running? Who’s to know except Kybee. And he isn’t telling anybody! Be right back

We sure did have a chuckle watching Kybee and Mr. Bunny this evening!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Cute pictures and story about Kybee... Loved it!
    Have fun