Monday, June 6, 2011

Deck Finished! White Picket Fence Started.

Today started with a trip to the dentist. My appointment was for 9:45am to have a permanent crown applied, and the “temp. removed. As my tooth is very sensitive, I informed the dentist prior to the installation. I was a little concerned that we might have a nerve problem. But he insisted that it should be fine. “Give it about a week, and if it is still sensitive, call us and make the appointment to have us look at it again.

So far this evening, after dinner, the sensitivity seems to be going away. Thumbs up

I started the work on the Deck last Thursday morning with the chemical cleaning and power washing. Then Friday morning I went to Kush Paint Co. to purchase Semi Transparent Cedar Stain. Talking to the “paint pro” at Kush, I made the decision to paint the deck instead of the stain.

Just after the cleaning. Our Old Deck is showing it’s age.100_0984

I was expressing my concern with having to re-apply the stain every 3 years. Too much work and money for too little protection. He agreed with me and that’s when he suggested going the paint direction.

Looking down at the stairs leading up to the deck.100_0985

Wilma and I have been talking about this decision the last couple of applications of the stain. From the pictures above you can see the rough shape of the deck surface.

So I phoned Wilma from Kush Paint Co. to come down and pick out a color for the deck. I have to admit, my choice of colors are not the best. Even I don’t like the colors I pick out!

We had already decided that “White” would be the choice color for the railing. Then it only took Wilma a few minutes to pick out her choice of color for the deck surface from a selection of what looked like hundreds.

The White hand railings made a huge improvement.DSC_2652

They now match the plastic white picket fence around the yard.

The paint brand was “Pratt & Lambert”.100_1028

I was really happy with the way the railing came out. The paint seemed a much better quality than even the best that Lowes or Home Depot sells. The brand I was sold from Kush Paint Co., “Pratt & Lambert”.

I was pretty tired by the end of the day. Actually, both days, Friday and Saturday. Word to the wise: Painting all those spindles, even with a small roller, is very time consuming! Even with Wilma helping me, it was time consuming. Saturday evening when the railing was completed, I was anxious to see how the deck was going to turn out. You can see from the picture above the variation of colors of the deck. Even with fresh stain, those different colors would come through.

Sunday morning comes, and I’m up early ready to paint! I was totally amazed at the “one coat coverage”.  Wilma and Haley had to put on two coats of paint on the bench’s last week, and that was using the top of the line Lowe’s paint!

We are really pleased with the final finish.100_1031

Gotta hand it to my hon, Wilma! She did an excellent job picking out the color. I think she referred to the color as a Sage. I guess because it reminded her of our trip to Yellowstone and all the Sage brush.

The New Look of the entry.100_1032 

I still have a few white “touch ups” that have to be done, but that will wait until tomorrow.


So with the Deck officially done, I loaded the trunk of the car with an assortment of supplies and tools that I may need. Need for what you ask? It seems that Tina has a small water leak near her bathroom. She noticed the floor being wet all the time. Being in a Mobil Home, I feared that another water line may have froze last winter and the leak is just now showing up.

I arrive at Tina’s home. Remove one of the panels of the skirting. Take a good look expecting to find a muddy, wet mess. But No! I see no water leaking. Time to move to the bathroom and take a closer look.

Inside the bathroom I find no apparent leak. Tina mentions if I would like to look at the “access panel” in the adjoining bedroom. Yes, so she takes my Philips screw driver and heads for the bedroom, with me following. As soon as she removes the panel she points to a wet valve. Ah-Ha! I take a closer look and discover it’s the plastic 90 degree fitting that attaches the water line to the tub cold water faucet. A super tiny pin hole right through the plastic.

I get it removed and off I go to the Mobil Home Supply Company. Of course I’m told by the counter person, “Oh oh, they don’t make that fitting any longer”, but I’ll check and see what we can make work. He returns in a few minutes with a much heavier fitting. Back to Tina’s I go. I have the fitting installed within a half hour with NO LEAKS! Open-mouthed smile


I arrive back home to start working on our PVC White picket fence.

As you can see it is way past due for a major cleaning. Being located beneath two Maple trees, I and Wilma feared that most of the dirt was from the sap of the trees.

The “before cleaning” took place.100_1035

Pretty bad, I know, kind of ashamed for letting it go so long. Embarrassed smile


So what soap solution should I use? Thinking that it might be tree sap, I headed for the basement where I had a gallon of “RV Black Streak Remover” cleaning solution. Using it straight, applied with a long handled brush that I use to clean the motorhome, I was once again amazed at how well the “gunk” was removed.

I came out very clean!100_1038

As I was manning the brush, Wilma did the final rinse with the power washer.


She made sure that every last speck of dirt was gone!


With her help we zipped along at a blazing pace!


The fence has 2 gates, plus it’s a total of 176 feet in length. Now double that because you have to clean “both” sides! Looks like our work is cut out for us tomorrow! But I’m sure we will “get er done”! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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