Monday, June 13, 2011

Granddaughter Haley’s HS Graduation

Yesterday afternoon we attended our eldest Granddaughter’s HS Graduation ceremony.

We had to drive to Pontiac, MI. where there is a “HUGE” indoor soccer building. No building around the immediate area of the High School was large enough to accommodate the number of people that were going to attend.

I’m not sure of the exact number of graduates, my guess around 500. Each graduate was issued 6 guest tickets. So you can imagine the size of the audience watching.

Tina, her mom, chose to sit high in the bleachers.

Tina is the 3rd. from the left, second row from the top, sitting with Rebecca her daughter.DSC_2676

I have to give Haley credit. She was alert, and knowing there was going to be no particular order the graduates were to enter, headed for the staging area to get in the front row.

Wilma used the Nikon camera with the 200mm lens and I tried to get video. Of course with having to zoom up so much the video came out quite jerky.



The ceremony went pretty well except for a couple speakers. One in particular had talked for almost 40 minutes about his school life starting in kindergarten and going through to his Senior year. I leaned over and asked Wilma, “Is it me or does this speaker have absolutely nothing, no advice at all, to the graduating class”?  She agreed with me, and later even Haley mentioned how boring he was.


I mentioned to Wilma. “Haley isn’t the only short petite gal in her graduating class, there is a dark haired gal next to her about the same height!” Later on that evening we noticed there were many short young ladies in her graduating class. Like I say, “Short, Petite, and cute as a button!”

Exchanging student ID for Diploma. 

Exchanging student ID for Diploma

We left the building along with many other visitors, and waited outside for the graduates to leave the building. We wanted to get some video and pictures of her and the excitement on her face. But too many other proud parents, friends, and relatives had the same idea.

Haley receives her first congratulate hug from little sister Rebecca.DSC_2746

Tina, (Mom) ~ Haley ~ Josh(Boyfriend) ~ and Wilma(Na-Na)DSC_2763

The parking lots are also huge. The parking lot where our car was parked is more than a quarter mile away. The school pre-arranged shuttle busses to get people from the lots to the stadium and back to the lots again. So we were treated to another ride in the famous yellow school bus!

Our limo awaits for us.


From there we stopped at the Golden Corral for dinner afterward. By the time we arrived home it was close to 9:30pm. It made for a very long day and we were all tired. But…not too tired to get another couple pictures with our new Graduate!


Very proud Grandparents we are of our first Grandchild, Haley.


Your entire family is so very proud of you Haley! Job well done. Now onto the next challenge….College.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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