Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last day of High School for Granddaughter Haley

Today was our Granddaughter Haley’s last day at High School. She had a busy day planned with her school classmates. The festivities started an hour before her regular classes, with a breakfast for the Seniors.

We gave Haley our small Kodak camera and told her to “shoot away, take pictures of everything” as this will be a special day for her to remember.

Pulling up to the High School, dropping her off, she noticed that some Seniors already had their yearbook. What a joy came over her, as there was some doubt the day prior that the books would be ready in time to be handed out the the Seniors. With a big smile on her face, she sprung from the car and headed for the group of Seniors.

The signing of Yearbooks begins.   


Have fun today Haley!

Many years ago, actually 16 years ago, we took Haley to the Drive In Movies. We wanted her to at least be able to say she was at a Drive In, as back then they were being closed and going out of business.

Arriving at the Drive In, she, being just 2, didn’t really understand the concept. Getting the car parked in the “perfect spot” I told Haley that there was time to go play on the swings. The Drive In had a complete play ground located under the big outdoor screen. I hoisted her up on my shoulders and we were off to the swings. What a great time she had on those swings and watching all the other kids.

The show, about to begin, I put her back onto my shoulders and took her back to the car. NaNa had popcorn and pop waiting for us when we got back. The show started, “Free Willy” was playing and we all enjoyed the movie. NaNa and I now joke that we think Haley liked laying in the back of Pa’s car in her make shift bed more than watching the movie!

So this evening, NaNa and I had another plan. We took Haley to the Drive In Movies! There are three screens at the edge of the large parking lot of the Silverdome. That’s where the Detroit Lions used to play football before moving back to Detroit in their new stadium. So there we were, the very first customer to arrive to watch the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.... We had the entire parking lot to ourselves. And of course we picked out the very best spot to watch the movie.

Front row seats? Maybe not but they were perfect to watch the movie!DSC_2635

Red building is 1 of 3 projection rooms. The Silverdome is in the background.DSC_2638

NaNa and Haley having “dinner” a BLT from Subway.DSC_2634

It isn’t quite the same as the “Old Fashion Drive In” with their dirt and gravel, pitched parking. The metal posts with speakers hung on them so you could place the speaker in your car when the movie started. Don’t be even a little late as the parking area’s filled up early, and you just had to find that perfect spot to view the movie. Yea, those were the good ol days. But…we had the good ol days come back to us this evening. Remembering and telling Haley all about those famous Drive Ins.

Not in our wildest dreams would we ever think that this special day would come again for Haley, NaNa and Pa.

Thanks for the memories Haley, we hope you enjoyed yourself with NaNa and Pa at the Drive In.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Congrats to Haley!!! I can remember when she was born. Oh my, I just aged myself :-)

    Like you I miss the drive ins and would love it if one would come back to Macomb County. Looks like you 3 had a wonderful time!