Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Motorhome is starting to Shine!

Yesterday I started washing the roof of the Motorhome. The first washing of the season is always the worst because of all the winter dirt.  It also took a little longer than usual scrubbing to remove it all. Didn’t make friends with the two hornets that were making a nest in the front air conditioner though. They just kept buzzing around, never landing to give me a sting, thank you very much!

Then I moved to the rear of the Motorhome. Continued using the extended handle brush made for washing this beast that I used on the roof. Wanted to see how my new power washer would handle this cleaning job, so I used the brush on only half of the rear panel. Then I used the power washer on the other half. Compared and could not tell the difference between the two halves. The power washer is less manual labor than the brush however.

Taking a closer look I noticed that there was quite a bit of dirt left behind. So up on the ladder with scrubbing pad and Bar Keepers Friend in hand. Every square inch was hand scrubbed. I kept telling myself that it will all be worth the extra effort after the wax is applied. I continued to the passenger side. Starting with using the brush then going over with the scrub pad and Bar Keepers Friend by hand removing all the tiny dirt specks left behind.

Passenger side before wax application.Clean No Wax

My arms were getting tired from scrubbing, my legs were getting tired from going up and down the ladder, so I called it a day with just the front and the drivers side to wash. Tomorrow I’ll start applying the wax to the clean areas.


The day started out great, having coffee on the deck with Wilma, watching the sun rise.

Like planned, I gathered my supplies to apply the Red Max Pro #3 Wax. After reading all the talk about this product on forums, I had an idea of what to expect. I was not disappointed one bit! Below are a few comparison pictures of before the wax and after the 4 coats of wax.

The rear of the MH Cleaned but NO wax applied. Just a slight shadow between the cloth and decals.Before Wax - Dull 

After the 4 coats of Wax. A noticeable shine.100_1071

The last time it looked this nice was when it was new! I’m very pleased to say the least.4 coats of floor wax

The sun was shinning quite warm by mid afternoon so I only applied to wax to a portion of the passenger side.

The far end past the awning arm has 4 coats of wax. This side of awning arm no wax. Notice the reflection of the ladder?Wax to the rear of awning arm. No wax from arm forward.

Final photo of the rear. I’m pretty happy with the shine. Now lets hope it lasts for a year without any problems.

You can actually see the reflection of my Flag behind the ladder! 

Nice Shine!

The wash and wax will be continued tomorrow, weather permitting.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. You sure worked hard but the motorhome looks great. Hope you will be done soon. Time to go on vacation ☺

  2. Wow... what a difference it makes!!! Lookin good~
    Have fun & Travel safe