Friday, June 10, 2011

New Power Washer, Garage Door Spring Broke.

More storms a coming today!

Yesterday the weather forecast was for a thunderstorm to go through our area sometime in the early morning. Didn’t happen. I wanted to paint the yard swing, but not if we might get rain, so I kept looking toward the SW sky. No rain in site, but it was overcast so I thought, why chance it?

The grill needed a good cleaning, and as my small electric power washer just died, Wilma gave me the OK to go buy a new power washer for my Father’s day gift. I didn’t hesitate a bit, first looking at Home Depot’s web site at their selection, then at Lowe’s web site. I chose Lowe’s for two reasons. First, I drive right past Lowe’s to go to Home Depot, so I might as well take a look and if they don’t have what I want I can leave. Second, Lowe’s gives a 10% discount to ALL Veterans. Home Depot changed their policy and only give the discount to “Active or Retired” Veterans.

I ended up buying a John Deere gas operated power washer. All I have to say about it is I was not prepared for the amount of force when I first pulled the trigger! It almost knocked me down! Wilma got a chuckle out of it telling me it reminded her of a TV commercial. The only problem I had with it was it took way too many pulls to start the engine. I’m going to blame my old gas. Today I might have the time to drain the old gas out of the tank and put in fresh gas. If it still takes me more than a couple pulls to start it, then it’s going to be returned to Lowe’s. Oh yes, the grill is clean! If we would have thought, Wilma could have taken a picture of  me while power washing it and getting soaked by the blow back. Disappointed smileI guess you had to be there.


Yesterday while I was out with Dad for dinner, my Cell rang. It was Wilma telling me something was wrong with the garage door opener and that Haley had to help her manually open the garage door. Upon arriving back home from the restaurant, I took a look at the garage door opener and found this.

Broken spring that needs to be replaced.100_1047

So a call went out to the company that first installed the door, leaving a message to call me. He called this morning and will be here sometime between noon and 2pm today. I’m going to have him replace “both” springs, not just the broken one.


Today I had planned on getting back to painting. The yard swing still needs to be painted but getting on the internet this morning with my coffee I checked the weather and saw this:

Looks like more storms headed our way.image

Maybe I should just take a “day of rest”…. No way! Even Wilma says I can’t do it. It would drive me crazy just laying around all day. So after the garage door man is done with the door spring replacement, and if it’s raining, I guess I’ll just have to tackle the “HUGE MESS” in my garage. No picture of that though. Too embarrassing to show how bad it really is! Embarrassed smile


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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  1. Hope you get that swing painted soon. We are just now planting our corn because of the crummy weather we are having this year. Oh well, at least we don't have to worry about tornadoes around here. Let's all hope for good weather soon.