Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outdoor Work Day

Today was just perfect for outdoor work! So that’s just what we all did here at our home.

Going into the house from the deck has always been a problem in my opinion. It seemed that there wasn’t enough height for a full step, and the small step that I made a few years back just didn’t seem to work to my liking.

So this morning as Wilma and I were having our coffee on the deck before the sunrise, we determined that I would address this problem today.

Of course my idea and Wilma’s were slightly different. She knows that I like to “go big”. I knew I had to go bigger than what I already had. So I was left with the challenge of not making something too big, but still larger than what we already had. And what we had was a step the width of the door wall. However it was only about 3 inches high. Which was a “tripper” step in my opinion.


The “New Platform”. Still just about 4 inches high, but much larger than the previous step.

I had to add the pot of flowers to give it a more appealing look. It’s actually 8 foot long and 28 inches out from the house. Plus it’s level with the floor inside through the door. A much more “safer” entry now.

Wilma was busy with the laundry today. Then this afternoon she wanted to tackle the painting of our yard bench seat. Actually we have 2 yard bench seats that needed painting. Haley wanted to help paint, so Wilma accepted her help with pleasure.


Haley looks like she is enjoying herself.

Don’t know how, but Wilma is just the very best of painters.


Wilma can even get paint “under” her feet while painting the bench!

She even manages to get paint on the underside of her feet! How does she do it? An unsolved mystery I’m sure.

Later this evening, Judy, my sister is going to talk to her son Derek, his wife Veronica, and Grand Daughter Marissa, via Skype. As they live in Utah, it has been about a year since my sister has seen them “live”. I’m sure this will be a great experience for all of them.

Tomorrow the weather men are calling for another perfect day weather wise. It might just be the perfect day for me to tackle the job of chemically cleaning and power washing the deck. Then possibly the following day, if all goes well I can apply the waterproofing sealer to the deck.

This retirement is really working me hard. I’m thinking I might have to go find a job just to get some rest! Winking smile No, I don’t think so! I really enjoy my retirement, just don’t enjoy how quickly I seem to “poop out” when doing the work around the house. I guess it’s a sign of “old” age??!! Crying face

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


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  2. That is a lot of work! It was way to hot here to do all that :)

  3. Wilma and I could be painting partners. My feet would look just like hers. My quote is 'never get good at a job you don't like'.