Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swing is Painted ~ 6th. Grade Graduation ~ Semi Repaired Mower.

It only took 2 days to get the outdoor yard swing painted, and Wilma and I are pretty pleased at how it came out.




Yard Swing “Before” Paint.




Yard Swing “After” Paint.

I’m happy it’s finally done! I told Wilma that I think I’ve done enough painting for the year. To re-cap since I’ve retired, both bathrooms, the deck, and now the outdoor swing.

I was honored to attend Rebecca’s 6th. grade graduation ceremony today with her mom Tina and sister Haley. I handed the camera to Tina and told her to “shoot away”. Between her and Haley they took  about 50 pictures, while I tried to perfect my video taking.

Rebecca with her teacher just after receiving her certificates.DSC_2789

I’m beginning to believe with these ultra small, fit in your palm video camera’s, isn’t possible to get video without the jerky effect. The camera I have even has a built in “anti shake” feature. That helps, but zooming in just defeats the purpose. But the video will be treasured by Rebecca for many years to come I’m sure.

Tina mentioned a few days ago that her lawn mower quit working. She had the maintenance staff take a quick look at it and they determined that the belt needed replacement. So after Rebecca’s ceremony, I loaded Tina’s lawn mower into the trunk of my car for a trip to my garage.

This lawn mower was previously mine. I bought it close to 20 years ago. When Angel and Tina needed a lawn mower I took it over to Angel’s home. Tina just lived a couple short blocks away. Close enough for Dakota to walk and get it to cut their lawn also. This worked well for about 2 years until Angel moved into a Condo where the lawn maintenance is taken care of by the Association. Tina then received the lawn mower to put into her storage shed for her use.

I removed the blade to sharpen it, plus it needed to be removed to remove the belt. One of the rusty bolts holding on the belt guard broke taking off the guard. Disappointed smile So I knew I would have to drill it out and use an “easy out” to remove the old rusty bolt.

Off to the auto parts store to buy a new belt. The first belt seemed to be the right size, but after installing it I found it was just a bit too small. Removed it, took it back to the auto parts store, exchanged it for the next size larger. Returned home, installed the belt tried it out and it seemed to work “once”. It jumped off the pulley without the guard. Confused smile

Getting out the tools needed, I proceeded to remove the broken, rusty bolt. After an hour working on it, and breaking my “easy out” I had to give up and declare defeat. The old lawn mower is now a push mower!

I also changed the oil, and put fresh gas in the tank. Pulled the start cord and it fired up like a new lawn mower! Great! Dakota now has a lawn mower to get the grass cut, but it will be just a little more work on his part.

Tomorrow, Thursday, if this great weather holds out I might, just might get my lawn mowed. Then I will be going over to Dad’s house to take him out to dinner.

I’ve been retired now 166 days. Feel more tired now than when I worked full time. I guess that just goes to show you that my employment job really wasn’t that demanding on me! Who me?Open-mouthed smile Oh well, I knew it really wasn’t demanding on me physically. But I had no idea how “out of shape” I have been getting these last few years! This old body sure doesn’t take long to tell me “enough already!” Take a break, no, better yet quit for the day! And this all happens sometimes before noon!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.




  1. We hear you! Come 3 pm we say enough already! When did we find time to work? The swing looks marvelllouusss!

  2. Looks pretty busy to me... Congrats to Rebecca!!!
    Have fun