Wednesday, June 8, 2011

White Picket Fence Done! Yard Swing is next.

I started cleaning the fence where we left off yesterday, at 7:30 this morning. The weather forecast was for a high today of 96F. I knew I needed to be done with the fence before it got anywhere near that temperature.

Wilma took Brooke to school this morning at 8am and when she returned she took over the power washer as I continued with the scrub brush. I think we completed the fence around 9:30am. We took a short break, then I headed to the yard swing.

Yesterday I stopped at Kush Paint Co. and purchased another gallon of paint for the swing. I had it planned that I would be power washing the swing today and painting tomorrow.

It was getting close to noon when I completed the second to the last slat of wood on the swing seat when the power washer quit. At first I thought it must have kicked out the ground fault circuit breaker, or it just turned off from it’s internal overload because it was getting hot. It had to be above 90F by this time outside. So I took it as a sign from God to quit for the day. Which I did. Smile

The Swing came out pretty clean as you can see from the pictures. Listening to the weather report, we might get a passing thunderstorm in the very early morning hours, up until 8am.

If it’s raining in the morning I will delay the painting until the next day. I’m not going to put paint onto wet or damp wood. After all, I want this paint to last the 8 years like advertised.

The swing after it’s chemical clean and power wash.100_1044

Just like the deck, the swing is starting to show it’s age. One slat on the seat was broken, and needed to be replaced. I headed for the garage looking through my “stash” of lumber and low and behold, there was a piece the exact size I needed.

I looked upward to the sky thanking Him for giving me that piece of lumber. I know it was Him as it’s never my luck to have something like that happen.

The seat cleaned, slat replaced and ready for a fresh coat of paint.100_1045

Tomorrow Dad will be coming over around 4PM and we will be going out for dinner. It’s our usual Thursday evening “out to dinner” day. Then at 8PM Judy, my sister will be arriving to talk to her son Derek, who lives in Utah, via Skype. I have heard that Skype has been down the last few days, I hope for Judy’s sake it’s up and running tomorrow evening.

So, if the weather holds out, I should have the swing painted tomorrow. I’ll post comparison pictures later.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Its a good feeling to have all the painting done, and everything looking fresh and clean. Enjoy the rest of the week.