Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brooke & Savannah–Beach & Ice Cream

Another night of rain, lightning and thunder but that didn’t bother either of the kids. They slept right through it.

First on the agenda this morning was Eggs & Bacon, Toast, Juice, Milk, Coffee…..the list goes on. Smile

After breakfast Pa tagged along with them to the beach, as NaNa cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Brooke assured us she would be extra careful and not get her cast wet, so we didn’t wrap it in plastic this time.

High and Dry is the cast 100_1120

The girls tried for at least an hour to catch minnows. Brooke finally caught a few. All were released. Brooke feels strongly that they are part of nature and shouldn’t be destroyed or killed. Our small list of camping rules are starting to show and made us proud.

Brooke on the hunt for minnows100_1119

After a couple hours on the beach they were ready to go back to the Lazy River. So back to the campsite we went where I wrapped Brooke’s cast up in a white plastic bag secured with duct tape. This has proven to keep it dry so she can ride the tubes in the lazy river, get wet and not fear for the cast.

NaNa took the girls to the Lazy River while Pa stayed back at the Motor Home enjoying the AC and catching up on his E-Mail. The plan was that after they were done with the Lazy River, we would all go play Putt Putt Golf followed by Ice Cream.

Three hours passed before they were back at the campsite. All three of them were pretty wore out from the heat now and agreed to skip Putt Putt for now. “Let’s get our Ice Cream first” was there suggestion to NaNa and Pa. Of course that was a brilliant suggestion  Rolling on the floor laughingand off we went to the Café in the campground.

Another improvement this year is a covered cement patio area for the picnic tables behind the Café.

New this year, covered patio for the picnic tables. One of two outdoor Pools in background100_1124

NaNa headed for the picnic table area, while Pa took the kids to the Café to order their Ice Cream. The choice: vanilla, chocolate, or combination vanilla chocolate.

Getting $6.00 out for 3 ice creams100_1122

We chose to take the ice cream in cups instead of cones. I kidded with them about having to lick the melting ice cream off each others elbows as it melted in the cones and ran down our arms. Confused smile “No way!” was the response, so in the cups the ice cream went.

Started enjoying the ice cream even before getting to the picnic tables100_1125

NaNa just had to get a sample of each of our Ice Creams, but that was ok with us! We all love NaNa! Open-mouthed smile


Back at the Motor Home, supper was cooking in the Crock Pot. NaNa started it in the morning, roast beef, potatoes and carrots. It was ready to eat by 5pm but everyone was still full of Ice Cream. Isn’t camping great!! No rules to follow, eat when hungry not when the time of day says to. So it ended up around 7PM before we all wanted to eat our supper.

Brooke didn’t want us to start a campfire until it was dark outside. We reminded her that it didn’t get dark until 9:30! She just wanted it to be dark when we had a campfire. NaNa and I assured her it would be dark before we went inside to go to bed for the night.

The campfire was started, and Brooke and Savannah could hardly wait for the wood to burn down before starting to cook their marshmallows for their smores.

Let the roasting of marshmallows begin!100_1140-1

Mm Good. Nothing beats Smores!

That first bite is always the very best100_1139

Even left handed Brooke has no trouble with her Smore100_1146

Careful, that marshmallow can find a way all up and down your arms.100_1143

After eating their share of smores, telling ghost stories, and hitting mosquitos, it was time to go “feed the fish”. With a couple pieces of bread each, off to the bridge over the lake to feed the fish they went. NaNa and Pa stayed back tending the campfire, keeping a close eye on them. As night was starting to fall, Pa went over to the bridge to get the girls. They were just about done, so the last few pieces of bread was thrown in for the fish and turtles.

As we walked back to our campsite, Brooke was bothered what she had seen and told Pa. It seems a few boys had caught a small turtle and took it out of the lake. “Don’t they know your not supposed to keep them?” was her question to me. I told her that their parents probably didn’t teach them how to respect “mother nature” like her mom, NaNa and Pa taught her. She was so upset about it she just had to tell NaNa about it when we got back to the campsite. NaNa always seems to be able to comfort them better than Pa when they are so upset, and this time was no different.

Good job NaNa!

We phoned Tina, making sure Dakota would be ready tomorrow to come camping. I was planning on taking Brooke and Savannah back home, getting Dakota and bringing him to the campsite. Tina told us that he decided that he didn’t really want to go camping this year. So tomorrow we are planning on breaking camp and heading back home.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brooke & Savannah Camping

Yesterday Angel brought Brooke and Savannah to the campsite and took Haley and Rebecca back home.

The weather turned to dark skies. Looking on the internet we saw there was a 90% chance of thunderstorms. As it turned out it rained constant all night. No down pour rain, just a constant good soaking rain. Along with that we had a show with the lightening. It was a different kind of lightening than usual. By that I mean, usually you hear thunder after each flash of lightening. But last night there was thunder for every 4th. or 5th. flash of lightening. I think that suited the kids just fine.

Both girls woke Nana up at different times also last night. Seems there was a mosquito that was biting them pretty bad. Wilma had the lights on looking for that pesky mosquito but just couldn’t find it. It wasn’t long afterward the girls did settle down and fell fast asleep.

This morning after a pancake breakfast, Pa took them to the fishing dock.

Savannah & Brooke going after the biggest fish ever!100_1088

We didn’t have the ordinary bait. Most fishermen use worms. We had cooked chicken breast! Yes sir’ee, and it was mighty tasty too.

Savannah catches the first fish100_1087

Savannah proves her chicken was the best! Within 5 minutes of fishing she hooked the first fish. A couple boys commented that they had been there for at least 2 hours and hadn’t caught anything. They asked Savannah what bait she was using. Savannah gave them a funny look and said “Chicken of course”. The boys looked at each other in amazement. I’ll bet they went back and told mom and dad they wanted chicken for supper tonight!

Brooke not to be out done found a different spot on the fishing dock. It wasn’t long and she caught a fish. Actually she ended up snagging it but we counted it as a fish caught.

Brooke found a “hot spot” and ended up catching a fish also100_1090

Little Savannah, to her total surprise caught another fish, this one larger than the first. Of course they were both un-hooked by Pa and released.

You  just gotta love that toothless smile100_1092

The chicken was flying on the hooks. But no other fish were caught, and the bait ran out. So back to the Motorhome to tell Nana about their catches.

After lunch it was time for the Kiddy splash pool and Lazy River.

Savannah & Brooke floating down the Lazy River100_1097

As Brooke has a broken arm with a cast on it, Pa wrapped it up with a white plastic bag and good ol duck tape! Have no fear now of getting the cast wet.

The photo below shows the outdoor covered lounging area with the swimming pool behind. To the left is the building that has a very fancy lounge with fireplace, stuffed leather sofa’s and big screen TV. The red buildings in the background are the “cabins” that are rented out.



The Kiddie Splash Zone is a hit not only for the kids but adults and big kids also.

Nana has to be commended for this trip to the Splash Pool and Lazy River. She managed to stay there with the girls for the entire 3 hours the kids played in the water.

Tomorrow will be another fun filled day I’m sure.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Haley and Rebecca Camping day 2

Shortly after breakfast Haley and Rebecca headed for the boat launch. They were looking forward to checking out the Kayak’s and paddling the length of the lake.

Wilma and I headed for the South side of the park. Wilma to soak up some sun at the outdoor pool, and I to get some much needed exercise on the bike.

The day seemed to fly by and before we knew it was noon and we were getting an appetite. We decided we would treat ourselves to a fish and chips lunch from the grill.

Wilma enjoying her Fish & Chips for lunchDSC_3253

Sitting and enjoying our lunch we discussed how many improvements have been made to this campground. They have been doing construction now for the past 5 years doubling the size of the campground. I believe the website says something around 300 sites but I’m certain they are close to 800 useable sites with more being constructed. I’m certain I made a  wise investment in joining this group of campgrounds, the going rate today for membership is around $7000.00. No where near to what I paid for my membership.

The shoreline is still under development on the North side.DSC_3257

In the past year we have noticed the main Office/Store has had a facelift on the outside. The check-in area is completely new and much more efficient for the employees, and the members.

On the North side of the lake the newest addition this year is a “Lazy River” where at least 10 tubes can be on it at a time. Next to that is a kiddy pool with a “Splash Area” for the little tikes. Plus there is a heated (when needed) outdoor pool. The building in the photo below houses restrooms, maintenance area, and an air conditioned adult lounge with fireplace. Very nice.

The latest addition this year, Lazy River areaDSC_3254-1

It’s traditional now that we play a round of Putt Putt Golf with the kids with no score card. No score card because it’s all in fun AND we are all winners!

Rebecca lines up her next shot as Wilma and Haley look onDSC_3281

Rebecca stands by the “Hole in One” that she did as our golf balls are in line waitingDSC_3283

After watching ‘Becca, Haley has this shot all figured out.DSC_3284

I can’t count the amount of jokes and laughs we all had playing this game. Some quality time NaNa and Pa had with our Grand Daughters Haley and Rebecca.

Another tradition we have going is a serving of “Soft Ice Cream”. We chose the scoop in the cup instead of in the cone because of the heat outside. We didn’t want to see our ice cream running down our arms melting faster than we could eat it.

Heading for the covered picnic tables to enjoy our ice creamDSC_3298

This evening we decided to cook Hot Dogs and Brats over the campfire for dinner. Neither girl had done this before. Rebecca asked how do you tell if the hot dog is done? I explained to her that as she is the cook, she takes them out of the fire when she wants to. BUT if she burns them, guess who’s going to eat them?Disappointed smile

Rebecca asking for my opinion on doneness DSC_3303

Giving both Rebecca and Haley credit, they did a great job cooking our dinner. Mm Good those “Dogs and Brats” were!

Just as we were finishing up with our dinner, our friends Gary and Cheryl dropped in for a visit. The girls couldn’t wait to show them the Marshmallows that Nana had bought so they could make smores.

Wilma, Gary, Cheryl and MyselfDSC_3308

As Gary and I were enjoying some liquid refreshment, we passed on having a smore. Wilma and Cheryl just had to try one which they really enjoyed!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Haley and Rebecca’s Camping Trip

It was hot and humid when we arrived at the campground Sunday. Both Haley and Rebecca were excited and anxious to get to the beach.

Rebecca and Haley, nets in hand, ready to catch some minnows.DSC_3207

Seemed that the small nets that we purchased in Myrtle Beach had netting that was not made for the small minnows. Every time they scooped a net full, the minnows seemed to swim right through the net!

Letting the minnows swim to them.DSC_3215

As the day started to come to an ending, it was time to get the campfire going so that smores could be made.

Look at the size of those marshmallows!DSC_3226

Let the cooking begin!DSC_3229


Now that’s a mouth full!DSC_3235

Even Nana had to have one. That’s a lot of Marshmallow on that Smore!DSC_3238

The day ended and Nana and Pa actually beat the two girls to bed! Seems that the older we get, the less chance there is of us staying up to the wee hours of the night. Haley mentioned that they were up to around 11:30pm before they turned out the lights and went to sleep.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brooke’s Broken Hand!

We have been packing up the Motorhome for our Annual camping trip with our Grand kids for the last several days.

In the past we would take 2 of them on one week-end. Then on a separate week end we would take the other 2. As we are retired now, and little Savannah wants to go also, we have decided to reserve a campsite for 2 weeks. Sunday afternoon we are scheduled to leave for our 2 week trip.

As Haley is staying with us for the summer, her stay will be the entire trip! Lucky her!

When we leave on Sunday, Rebecca will be going with us. On Wednesday, Angel will be bringing her daughter Brooke and Savannah. When Angel leaves Wednesday evening she will be taking Rebecca back with her. On Saturday I will be bringing Brooke and Savannah back home and picking up Dakota who will stay until Tuesday.

The campground we always go to is one of the FIVE PARKS that we “became members” of. Lake Shore Resort is our choice of the five, as it’s the largest, and they have much more for the kids to do. Boredom is unheard of at Lake Shore Resort!

This morning at 8am it was already a warm 80F and the humidity was up to 70%. So it was slow going for us as we loaded the last minute items into the Motorhome.

Then around 11:00AM Wilma received a call from Angel. It seems that Brooke was riding her “Razor scooter” in the parking lot yesterday evening. Not aware of the joints between the slabs of concrete being filled with the usual tar material, which because of the heat became very soft. Her wheel managed to get caught in one of those joints and she flipped off her scooter.

Running into the house crying for her mom, Angel applied cold cloths to her right hand comforting Brooke, and hoping she would be fine in the morning.

Angel was up at the crack of dawn, worried about Brooke. As she was having her morning coffee, she heard Brooke moan in her sleep. After several minutes, Angel woke Brooke and asked her how her hand was. Brooke told her it was still hurting her.

In the car within minutes and headed for the “Urgent Care” where X-Rays were taken.

Confirmation was made that she had a broken bone in her right hand just below the wrist.  A “soft cast” was applied, and Angel is to make the appointment with the Orthopedic Dr. first thing Monday.

Angel pointing to the area where Brooks bone is broken.DSC_3193

Na Na and I feel so bad.  Sad smile  Just days before she is to go camping, this happens. These kids start planning this camping trip back in the Winter, so we know how excited they get about it.

Brooke says the cast helps relieve the painDSC_3194

We will know more on Monday when Angel phones us Call me with the update after the Dr.’s visit.

Brooke is the kind of kid that just lives for getting in pools and the water at the beach. Plus this year a new area of the park opened called the “Lazy River” where you sit in an inner tube and drift down a man made river. We know all the kids are looking forward to that!

Looks like we will have to wrap her arm in a plastic bag and seal it up with some good tape.

Brooke has informed us that she is going to get a “Waterproof Cast” on Monday so she can still go swimming!

“Old Pa” has never heard of that, so it looks like I’ll get educated with that phone call we will be waiting for on Monday from Angel.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did Someone Move Michigan to Arizona?

I’ve heard on the news that most of the country is getting some higher than normal temperatures. But today we felt it here in Michigan first hand.

Wilma, Haley and I were driving with the air conditioning on. Passed a store sign showing it was 100 F.

We looked at the outside air temperature reading in the car and saw this at 3:20pm this afternoon.

Yep, that’s 102 degrees F outside temperature0720111738

You will notice the “Recirc” light on. I had to have the air conditioning air recirculating instead of bringing outside air inside the car.

Here is the time of day today when it hit 102F.0720111501a

Was wondering if that Tsunami in Japan actually moved the state of Michigan into Arizona with temps like this! Devil


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

133rd. Consecutive Family Reunion

First I would like to welcome Merri and Steve from Jammin' Along for joining our list of followers. Hopefully I won’t bore you too much! Rolling on the floor laughing

Last Sunday we attended the One Hundred Thirty Third Consecutive Hagedorn Family Reunion. It still just amazes me that my family has kept this reunion going for so long!

As the family grew larger, it was necessary to keep looking for a suitable area to have the reunion. For many years now the family has enjoyed “Camp Rotary” which is part of the Walcott Mill Metro Park.

Camp Rotary has many features that our family enjoys. Mostly the river that runs through the park.

Gathered under a shade tree with the river in the background.DSC_3147

The depth of the river is directly effected by the amount of rain we receive in June and July. This past June and July we haven’t had much rain, and the river shows it.

Brooke looking on as Savannah jumps from rock to rock on the river bed.DSC_3160

Angel with Daughter Brooke, in the middle of the River!DSC_3165

In the wet years you can’t even see the stones on the river bed. Jumping across them is not possible because of the current and depth. That’s when you use the “suspended bridge” to get to the other side.

Our Grand daughters on the suspended bridgeDSC_3155

The most fun the kids have is looking for aquatic treasures! So every year we bring small buckets and nets.

Brook is prepared for her “catch of aquatic treasures”DSC_3129

Sometimes there are treasures that just appear out of no where! Not all of them are aquatic.

A dragonfly lands on Brook’s shoulder, giving her a little scareDSC_3162

It is a known fact that through the years, the pot luck dinner is served at 1PM sharp. There is always a moment of silence as a prayer of thanks is said. Then a double line is formed with the eldest going first.

This year my Aunt Ella at 95 was the eldest. Followed by my father who is 84 years old. They are the last living of their generation.

Aunt Ella, my Grandmothers eldest and last living daughter at 95!DSC_3190

Aunt Ella is still sharp as a tack mentally. I just can’t resist telling her how much she looks like Grandma to me. That always brings a smile to her face. I still see the resemblance don’t you?

My Grandmother taken in 1974Great Grandma Boyd 1974-1

Like mother above, we have my father with my Grand daughters.

Grand Daughters Haley, Savannah and  Rebecca with Great Grandpa (Opapa) DSC_3187

After the delicious dinner, many found the “cool” area’s under the shade trees. As I looked around the several “clans” were gathered in their own little circles. Looking at those circles, I was reminded of my Aunt’s and Uncle’s who have passed away and are no longer with us except in spirit and memories.

This is just about 25% of those who attended this years reunionDSC_3138

Also following dinner there were games held for all age groups. From infants to adults there were organized games.  No losers could be found, Smileand prizes were presented to all who participated.

Watching the games of other age groups awaiting their turnsDSC_3139

After each game, prizes were awarded to all. Everyone was a winner!DSC_3141

Despite the temperatures in the high 90’s and the humidity around 5000% Winking smile everyone had a great time!

One other great tradition that has been kept, is the taking of pictures and posting them up each year for all to see.

Taken in 1997, this photo shows just a small portion of the pictures from years past that are displayed. IMG_0012

Just before we left I met the Grandkids inside where all the pictures from the past were displayed. Savannah told me she was 8 years old now, and I asked her if she would like to see me at a family reunion when I was 7 years old. Her face lit up with excitement, along with Haley and Rebecca’s.

I’ll never ever forget their faces, when I pointed out an old Black and White photo taken back in 1957, where you could see Opapa, Omama, and their Pa at only 7 years old!  (My Grandkids call my father and mother, Opapa and Omama, I’m known as Pa, and Wilma is known as Nana.)

What a wonderful day we all had. Full of memories that we all will cherish a lifetime.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.