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133rd. Consecutive Family Reunion

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Last Sunday we attended the One Hundred Thirty Third Consecutive Hagedorn Family Reunion. It still just amazes me that my family has kept this reunion going for so long!

As the family grew larger, it was necessary to keep looking for a suitable area to have the reunion. For many years now the family has enjoyed “Camp Rotary” which is part of the Walcott Mill Metro Park.

Camp Rotary has many features that our family enjoys. Mostly the river that runs through the park.

Gathered under a shade tree with the river in the background.DSC_3147

The depth of the river is directly effected by the amount of rain we receive in June and July. This past June and July we haven’t had much rain, and the river shows it.

Brooke looking on as Savannah jumps from rock to rock on the river bed.DSC_3160

Angel with Daughter Brooke, in the middle of the River!DSC_3165

In the wet years you can’t even see the stones on the river bed. Jumping across them is not possible because of the current and depth. That’s when you use the “suspended bridge” to get to the other side.

Our Grand daughters on the suspended bridgeDSC_3155

The most fun the kids have is looking for aquatic treasures! So every year we bring small buckets and nets.

Brook is prepared for her “catch of aquatic treasures”DSC_3129

Sometimes there are treasures that just appear out of no where! Not all of them are aquatic.

A dragonfly lands on Brook’s shoulder, giving her a little scareDSC_3162

It is a known fact that through the years, the pot luck dinner is served at 1PM sharp. There is always a moment of silence as a prayer of thanks is said. Then a double line is formed with the eldest going first.

This year my Aunt Ella at 95 was the eldest. Followed by my father who is 84 years old. They are the last living of their generation.

Aunt Ella, my Grandmothers eldest and last living daughter at 95!DSC_3190

Aunt Ella is still sharp as a tack mentally. I just can’t resist telling her how much she looks like Grandma to me. That always brings a smile to her face. I still see the resemblance don’t you?

My Grandmother taken in 1974Great Grandma Boyd 1974-1

Like mother above, we have my father with my Grand daughters.

Grand Daughters Haley, Savannah and  Rebecca with Great Grandpa (Opapa) DSC_3187

After the delicious dinner, many found the “cool” area’s under the shade trees. As I looked around the several “clans” were gathered in their own little circles. Looking at those circles, I was reminded of my Aunt’s and Uncle’s who have passed away and are no longer with us except in spirit and memories.

This is just about 25% of those who attended this years reunionDSC_3138

Also following dinner there were games held for all age groups. From infants to adults there were organized games.  No losers could be found, Smileand prizes were presented to all who participated.

Watching the games of other age groups awaiting their turnsDSC_3139

After each game, prizes were awarded to all. Everyone was a winner!DSC_3141

Despite the temperatures in the high 90’s and the humidity around 5000% Winking smile everyone had a great time!

One other great tradition that has been kept, is the taking of pictures and posting them up each year for all to see.

Taken in 1997, this photo shows just a small portion of the pictures from years past that are displayed. IMG_0012

Just before we left I met the Grandkids inside where all the pictures from the past were displayed. Savannah told me she was 8 years old now, and I asked her if she would like to see me at a family reunion when I was 7 years old. Her face lit up with excitement, along with Haley and Rebecca’s.

I’ll never ever forget their faces, when I pointed out an old Black and White photo taken back in 1957, where you could see Opapa, Omama, and their Pa at only 7 years old!  (My Grandkids call my father and mother, Opapa and Omama, I’m known as Pa, and Wilma is known as Nana.)

What a wonderful day we all had. Full of memories that we all will cherish a lifetime.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Wow what a great tradition... and so neat that you had pictures fron way back when!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe