Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brooke & Savannah Camping

Yesterday Angel brought Brooke and Savannah to the campsite and took Haley and Rebecca back home.

The weather turned to dark skies. Looking on the internet we saw there was a 90% chance of thunderstorms. As it turned out it rained constant all night. No down pour rain, just a constant good soaking rain. Along with that we had a show with the lightening. It was a different kind of lightening than usual. By that I mean, usually you hear thunder after each flash of lightening. But last night there was thunder for every 4th. or 5th. flash of lightening. I think that suited the kids just fine.

Both girls woke Nana up at different times also last night. Seems there was a mosquito that was biting them pretty bad. Wilma had the lights on looking for that pesky mosquito but just couldn’t find it. It wasn’t long afterward the girls did settle down and fell fast asleep.

This morning after a pancake breakfast, Pa took them to the fishing dock.

Savannah & Brooke going after the biggest fish ever!100_1088

We didn’t have the ordinary bait. Most fishermen use worms. We had cooked chicken breast! Yes sir’ee, and it was mighty tasty too.

Savannah catches the first fish100_1087

Savannah proves her chicken was the best! Within 5 minutes of fishing she hooked the first fish. A couple boys commented that they had been there for at least 2 hours and hadn’t caught anything. They asked Savannah what bait she was using. Savannah gave them a funny look and said “Chicken of course”. The boys looked at each other in amazement. I’ll bet they went back and told mom and dad they wanted chicken for supper tonight!

Brooke not to be out done found a different spot on the fishing dock. It wasn’t long and she caught a fish. Actually she ended up snagging it but we counted it as a fish caught.

Brooke found a “hot spot” and ended up catching a fish also100_1090

Little Savannah, to her total surprise caught another fish, this one larger than the first. Of course they were both un-hooked by Pa and released.

You  just gotta love that toothless smile100_1092

The chicken was flying on the hooks. But no other fish were caught, and the bait ran out. So back to the Motorhome to tell Nana about their catches.

After lunch it was time for the Kiddy splash pool and Lazy River.

Savannah & Brooke floating down the Lazy River100_1097

As Brooke has a broken arm with a cast on it, Pa wrapped it up with a white plastic bag and good ol duck tape! Have no fear now of getting the cast wet.

The photo below shows the outdoor covered lounging area with the swimming pool behind. To the left is the building that has a very fancy lounge with fireplace, stuffed leather sofa’s and big screen TV. The red buildings in the background are the “cabins” that are rented out.



The Kiddie Splash Zone is a hit not only for the kids but adults and big kids also.

Nana has to be commended for this trip to the Splash Pool and Lazy River. She managed to stay there with the girls for the entire 3 hours the kids played in the water.

Tomorrow will be another fun filled day I’m sure.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. I remember the days of hunting bugs in the middle of the night amid screams of small children. Not so funny then, but now it brings a smile.

  2. Great pictures of the kids... LOVED them!