Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brooke & Savannah–Beach & Ice Cream

Another night of rain, lightning and thunder but that didn’t bother either of the kids. They slept right through it.

First on the agenda this morning was Eggs & Bacon, Toast, Juice, Milk, Coffee…..the list goes on. Smile

After breakfast Pa tagged along with them to the beach, as NaNa cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Brooke assured us she would be extra careful and not get her cast wet, so we didn’t wrap it in plastic this time.

High and Dry is the cast 100_1120

The girls tried for at least an hour to catch minnows. Brooke finally caught a few. All were released. Brooke feels strongly that they are part of nature and shouldn’t be destroyed or killed. Our small list of camping rules are starting to show and made us proud.

Brooke on the hunt for minnows100_1119

After a couple hours on the beach they were ready to go back to the Lazy River. So back to the campsite we went where I wrapped Brooke’s cast up in a white plastic bag secured with duct tape. This has proven to keep it dry so she can ride the tubes in the lazy river, get wet and not fear for the cast.

NaNa took the girls to the Lazy River while Pa stayed back at the Motor Home enjoying the AC and catching up on his E-Mail. The plan was that after they were done with the Lazy River, we would all go play Putt Putt Golf followed by Ice Cream.

Three hours passed before they were back at the campsite. All three of them were pretty wore out from the heat now and agreed to skip Putt Putt for now. “Let’s get our Ice Cream first” was there suggestion to NaNa and Pa. Of course that was a brilliant suggestion  Rolling on the floor laughingand off we went to the Café in the campground.

Another improvement this year is a covered cement patio area for the picnic tables behind the Café.

New this year, covered patio for the picnic tables. One of two outdoor Pools in background100_1124

NaNa headed for the picnic table area, while Pa took the kids to the Café to order their Ice Cream. The choice: vanilla, chocolate, or combination vanilla chocolate.

Getting $6.00 out for 3 ice creams100_1122

We chose to take the ice cream in cups instead of cones. I kidded with them about having to lick the melting ice cream off each others elbows as it melted in the cones and ran down our arms. Confused smile “No way!” was the response, so in the cups the ice cream went.

Started enjoying the ice cream even before getting to the picnic tables100_1125

NaNa just had to get a sample of each of our Ice Creams, but that was ok with us! We all love NaNa! Open-mouthed smile


Back at the Motor Home, supper was cooking in the Crock Pot. NaNa started it in the morning, roast beef, potatoes and carrots. It was ready to eat by 5pm but everyone was still full of Ice Cream. Isn’t camping great!! No rules to follow, eat when hungry not when the time of day says to. So it ended up around 7PM before we all wanted to eat our supper.

Brooke didn’t want us to start a campfire until it was dark outside. We reminded her that it didn’t get dark until 9:30! She just wanted it to be dark when we had a campfire. NaNa and I assured her it would be dark before we went inside to go to bed for the night.

The campfire was started, and Brooke and Savannah could hardly wait for the wood to burn down before starting to cook their marshmallows for their smores.

Let the roasting of marshmallows begin!100_1140-1

Mm Good. Nothing beats Smores!

That first bite is always the very best100_1139

Even left handed Brooke has no trouble with her Smore100_1146

Careful, that marshmallow can find a way all up and down your arms.100_1143

After eating their share of smores, telling ghost stories, and hitting mosquitos, it was time to go “feed the fish”. With a couple pieces of bread each, off to the bridge over the lake to feed the fish they went. NaNa and Pa stayed back tending the campfire, keeping a close eye on them. As night was starting to fall, Pa went over to the bridge to get the girls. They were just about done, so the last few pieces of bread was thrown in for the fish and turtles.

As we walked back to our campsite, Brooke was bothered what she had seen and told Pa. It seems a few boys had caught a small turtle and took it out of the lake. “Don’t they know your not supposed to keep them?” was her question to me. I told her that their parents probably didn’t teach them how to respect “mother nature” like her mom, NaNa and Pa taught her. She was so upset about it she just had to tell NaNa about it when we got back to the campsite. NaNa always seems to be able to comfort them better than Pa when they are so upset, and this time was no different.

Good job NaNa!

We phoned Tina, making sure Dakota would be ready tomorrow to come camping. I was planning on taking Brooke and Savannah back home, getting Dakota and bringing him to the campsite. Tina told us that he decided that he didn’t really want to go camping this year. So tomorrow we are planning on breaking camp and heading back home.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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