Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brooke’s Broken Hand!

We have been packing up the Motorhome for our Annual camping trip with our Grand kids for the last several days.

In the past we would take 2 of them on one week-end. Then on a separate week end we would take the other 2. As we are retired now, and little Savannah wants to go also, we have decided to reserve a campsite for 2 weeks. Sunday afternoon we are scheduled to leave for our 2 week trip.

As Haley is staying with us for the summer, her stay will be the entire trip! Lucky her!

When we leave on Sunday, Rebecca will be going with us. On Wednesday, Angel will be bringing her daughter Brooke and Savannah. When Angel leaves Wednesday evening she will be taking Rebecca back with her. On Saturday I will be bringing Brooke and Savannah back home and picking up Dakota who will stay until Tuesday.

The campground we always go to is one of the FIVE PARKS that we “became members” of. Lake Shore Resort is our choice of the five, as it’s the largest, and they have much more for the kids to do. Boredom is unheard of at Lake Shore Resort!

This morning at 8am it was already a warm 80F and the humidity was up to 70%. So it was slow going for us as we loaded the last minute items into the Motorhome.

Then around 11:00AM Wilma received a call from Angel. It seems that Brooke was riding her “Razor scooter” in the parking lot yesterday evening. Not aware of the joints between the slabs of concrete being filled with the usual tar material, which because of the heat became very soft. Her wheel managed to get caught in one of those joints and she flipped off her scooter.

Running into the house crying for her mom, Angel applied cold cloths to her right hand comforting Brooke, and hoping she would be fine in the morning.

Angel was up at the crack of dawn, worried about Brooke. As she was having her morning coffee, she heard Brooke moan in her sleep. After several minutes, Angel woke Brooke and asked her how her hand was. Brooke told her it was still hurting her.

In the car within minutes and headed for the “Urgent Care” where X-Rays were taken.

Confirmation was made that she had a broken bone in her right hand just below the wrist.  A “soft cast” was applied, and Angel is to make the appointment with the Orthopedic Dr. first thing Monday.

Angel pointing to the area where Brooks bone is broken.DSC_3193

Na Na and I feel so bad.  Sad smile  Just days before she is to go camping, this happens. These kids start planning this camping trip back in the Winter, so we know how excited they get about it.

Brooke says the cast helps relieve the painDSC_3194

We will know more on Monday when Angel phones us Call me with the update after the Dr.’s visit.

Brooke is the kind of kid that just lives for getting in pools and the water at the beach. Plus this year a new area of the park opened called the “Lazy River” where you sit in an inner tube and drift down a man made river. We know all the kids are looking forward to that!

Looks like we will have to wrap her arm in a plastic bag and seal it up with some good tape.

Brooke has informed us that she is going to get a “Waterproof Cast” on Monday so she can still go swimming!

“Old Pa” has never heard of that, so it looks like I’ll get educated with that phone call we will be waiting for on Monday from Angel.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Sorry to hear about Brooke's broken hand. Sure hope that waterproof cast works well so she can enjoy her swimming on your RV camping trip.

  2. Heartbreaking for the little girl. I sure hope she will be able to swim. It would be really bad to see other kids having fun in the water. Good luck, kid!!