Saturday, July 2, 2011

A day of rest and a Festival

This morning I decided to take a day off from cleaning and waxing the Motorhome.

Yesterday I just had the front to wash and wax. The drivers side was washed and one coat of wax applied. Then the hornets came buzzing me again. This time they were in the drivers outside mirror! I prevailed though when I introduced them to some WD-40. They get lubed and now have to find a new place to build there hive. Winking smile

Wilma and I were planning on going downtown Mt. Clemens for the Stars and Stripes Festival today sometime. As the day progressed it was getting hotter and hotter outside. It actually hit 98 today, a record breaker.

Dad called and wanted to bring Wilma her Birthday card and a watermelon. He arrived about 3pm and stayed an hour or so. We each had a slice of the watermelon, cold, juicy and sweet!

After he left we decided that now would be a good time to go to the festival. That way we could get some festival food for our dinner.

Off we went, paid our $5.oo parking fee and proceeded to walk the short block to an entrance. Many venders selling everything under the sun. From all sorts of food to jewelry, clothes and many veterans booths. I bought a USN license plate bracket to support the Viet Nam Veterans of America. There were some pretty good live bands playing also. I noticed that the organizers had them spaced out very well so none of them over powered each other.

The food assortment was overwhelming. What a large variety. We ended up purchasing a Philly steak sandwich. It was fair, but the strawberry smoothie I got was just watered down strawberry cool aid. Confused smile Got the smoothie from the Elks, so I didn’t take it back and ask for a refund, figured it as a donation for the “good things they do” for the community.

It was still hot outside, the car temperature gauge reading 97 but I bet where we were walking it had to be a heat index of well over 100. We only lasted a couple hours and Wilma noticed the sky darkening. Time to head back as there were severe thunderstorm warnings announced.

Arrived home and within an hour the storms hit. Just some lightening and thunder, mixed with a little rain. Nothing real severe at our home, but our friends north of us about 10 miles lost power. I guess they had the severe storms that were predicted.

As I sit writing this blog, I hear the bands starting to play again. The rain is over and it looks like a pink sky to the West. Let the celebration continue.

Now we can resume to here the neighbors trying to out do each other on who has the loudest fire crackers. They were dueling until midnight last night. Kybee hates it and paces the house from them. Then there was the winner, a double bang at 3am this morning. Baring teeth smile 

I’m all for celebrating the 4th. of July. But come on people! Give us a break! Stop the fireworks at 11pm, there is always tomorrow, seeing how you all like to do this for at least a month.

Ok…I’ll get off my soap box now. Taking a deep breath, and feeling better now.

Tomorrow is Wilma’s birthday! She is hitting a mile stone but I won’t say her age. In my eyes, she is still that sweet 19 year old bride of mine….and that’s all that matters! Love ya my hon! Happy Birthday.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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    ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Wilma ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

    Have the best day ever!!!!