Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did Someone Move Michigan to Arizona?

I’ve heard on the news that most of the country is getting some higher than normal temperatures. But today we felt it here in Michigan first hand.

Wilma, Haley and I were driving with the air conditioning on. Passed a store sign showing it was 100 F.

We looked at the outside air temperature reading in the car and saw this at 3:20pm this afternoon.

Yep, that’s 102 degrees F outside temperature0720111738

You will notice the “Recirc” light on. I had to have the air conditioning air recirculating instead of bringing outside air inside the car.

Here is the time of day today when it hit 102F.0720111501a

Was wondering if that Tsunami in Japan actually moved the state of Michigan into Arizona with temps like this! Devil


Until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. All too soon it will be winter and we wish we had some of this heat. I feel for you though. I would hate the humidity. Stay cool!!

  2. Most of the nation is feeling this heat wave... The weather is certainly strange lately!!!
    Have fun, Stay cool and Travel safe

  3. We sure aren't having that heat wave here on Canada's west coast. It's our coolest summer in history! Strange weather patterns for sure.