Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Haley and Rebecca Camping day 2

Shortly after breakfast Haley and Rebecca headed for the boat launch. They were looking forward to checking out the Kayak’s and paddling the length of the lake.

Wilma and I headed for the South side of the park. Wilma to soak up some sun at the outdoor pool, and I to get some much needed exercise on the bike.

The day seemed to fly by and before we knew it was noon and we were getting an appetite. We decided we would treat ourselves to a fish and chips lunch from the grill.

Wilma enjoying her Fish & Chips for lunchDSC_3253

Sitting and enjoying our lunch we discussed how many improvements have been made to this campground. They have been doing construction now for the past 5 years doubling the size of the campground. I believe the website says something around 300 sites but I’m certain they are close to 800 useable sites with more being constructed. I’m certain I made a  wise investment in joining this group of campgrounds, the going rate today for membership is around $7000.00. No where near to what I paid for my membership.

The shoreline is still under development on the North side.DSC_3257

In the past year we have noticed the main Office/Store has had a facelift on the outside. The check-in area is completely new and much more efficient for the employees, and the members.

On the North side of the lake the newest addition this year is a “Lazy River” where at least 10 tubes can be on it at a time. Next to that is a kiddy pool with a “Splash Area” for the little tikes. Plus there is a heated (when needed) outdoor pool. The building in the photo below houses restrooms, maintenance area, and an air conditioned adult lounge with fireplace. Very nice.

The latest addition this year, Lazy River areaDSC_3254-1

It’s traditional now that we play a round of Putt Putt Golf with the kids with no score card. No score card because it’s all in fun AND we are all winners!

Rebecca lines up her next shot as Wilma and Haley look onDSC_3281

Rebecca stands by the “Hole in One” that she did as our golf balls are in line waitingDSC_3283

After watching ‘Becca, Haley has this shot all figured out.DSC_3284

I can’t count the amount of jokes and laughs we all had playing this game. Some quality time NaNa and Pa had with our Grand Daughters Haley and Rebecca.

Another tradition we have going is a serving of “Soft Ice Cream”. We chose the scoop in the cup instead of in the cone because of the heat outside. We didn’t want to see our ice cream running down our arms melting faster than we could eat it.

Heading for the covered picnic tables to enjoy our ice creamDSC_3298

This evening we decided to cook Hot Dogs and Brats over the campfire for dinner. Neither girl had done this before. Rebecca asked how do you tell if the hot dog is done? I explained to her that as she is the cook, she takes them out of the fire when she wants to. BUT if she burns them, guess who’s going to eat them?Disappointed smile

Rebecca asking for my opinion on doneness DSC_3303

Giving both Rebecca and Haley credit, they did a great job cooking our dinner. Mm Good those “Dogs and Brats” were!

Just as we were finishing up with our dinner, our friends Gary and Cheryl dropped in for a visit. The girls couldn’t wait to show them the Marshmallows that Nana had bought so they could make smores.

Wilma, Gary, Cheryl and MyselfDSC_3308

As Gary and I were enjoying some liquid refreshment, we passed on having a smore. Wilma and Cheryl just had to try one which they really enjoyed!

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  1. Looks like a great time. Fish and chips and Putt Putt Golf is a great combo!