Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Cell Phone Case

Wilma told me to “Stop being so cheap and buy myself a new Cell Phone Case”.

I just don’t ever think of buying a replacement for anything as long as the old one still works. And I paid good money, $20.00 at Verizon for the leather case I’m using only 15 months ago. So I started looking on the internet for a replacement. I really like the cases that clip to your belt, stays horizontal, and have magnetic flaps that close the case.

Enter “”. They had a case, just what I’m looking for, but their description didn’t include any size. Looking at the price they wanted I figured it could only be as large as a match box!

The New Case100_1085

I just couldn’t believe that a “Leather” cell phone case could only cost $2.49! Of course there is a shipping fee of $2.95 but when added up that’s a total of only $5.44. Well I figured I would take a chance and order one. If it’s as small as I’m figuring, it would make a great conversation piece around a campfire.Rolling on the floor laughing

Now looking at my “15 month old Verizon $20.00 case” you will see that it can still function. May not look the prettiest but it still works. Just a good string and some aluminum tape and I was good to go.

A little aluminum tape made it pretty ugly100_1082

What was happening was the belt clip was ripping away from the leather. So it hung on my belt pretty loosely and I have to admit, it didn’t feel very secure.

A strong string wrapped around the flap and under the clip with tape over it held it together.100_1083

I know…you all are laughing and agreeing with Wilma right about now. And she told me to put it on the blog, so I must obey her and be humble. Embarrassed smile

So I placed the order with, paid the $5.44 and waited for my new leather case to arrive. It took just 6 days and I was holding it in my hands! Wow what service, and the quality is as good or better than the Verizon case! I can’t be happier and I am now the proud owner of a new cell phone case! Open-mouthed smile

Sure looks prettier!100_1084

If you have a “flip” cell phone and might be interested in this case, the size is this: 4.5” X 1” X 2.3” . Measure you cell phone closed and if it’s within these measurements you might want to buy this case.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. This is his wife, Wilma... now was I right or not... CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, lol.. it was time to let the old one go to its grave and buy another one, before he lost his phone...

  2. I agree, Wilma.
    time to let it go, before the phone did.

    Happy Waggin' Tails to Kybee, from Misty.
    Happy Trails to you, Penny, TX

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