Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amishville Country Campground

We left this morning at 11:15 am, stopped at a Cracker Barrel for a lunch which took an hour out of our travel time. Google maps said that it should take 4 hours to get from my home in Mt. Clemens, MI to here at Amishville Campground in Geneva, IN. When we settled in to our back in campsite we looked at the time and figured it took us 5 hours of drive time to get here. Pretty good considering that we were going against the wind all the way here. There was a 40 mph wind blowing, hitting us head on, sometimes from the passenger side causing the motorhome to pull to the left. It was a two handed drive all the way here. A thought crossed my mind. If the wind is hitting you straight on at 40 MPH, and you are moving at 60 MPH, does that mean that the wind hitting the windshield is equivalent to 100 MPH?

Thank goodness for our TomTom GPS. If it wasn’t for it, we would have never found this campground. It is at least 35 miles west of I-75. Most of the way though was on a very nice two lane road (IN 67) with a speed limit of 65 mph. Then the GPS took us off that highway to a country black top road. I didn’t feel safe going faster than 35 mph on those roads. We must have taken a half dozen turns on different roads, all through farm land and Amish areas. What a treat it was traveling through this Amish area. Each person we passed waved at us, and of course we returned it with a wave and a smile.


This campground is a Passport America park, so our total cost of only $12.79 including tax. The sites are fairly close to each other, but the new owners are placing people in every other campsite. That makes it feel much more spacious. As we are only staying here for the night, we are very happy with this campground.

They also have a restaurant and a gift store on the campground, but it’s only open on the week-ends. So we won’t have a chance to check them both out.

There is an Amish field adjacent to the Campground and Wilma noticed there were some work horses there grazing. She just had to take the camera and see if she could get some pictures of these beautiful horses.

A couple horses came close enough for Wilma to pet them.DSC_3359


There was another person from the Campground that was watching the horses and when he saw Wilma petting the horse, he tried. But the horses never let him get close to them. I wondered if the horses probably relate a male to work and a female to a carrot treat? Eye rolling smile

We leave here tomorrow morning, heading for Henderson, KY. There is a state park there named “John James State Park”. I believe it’s a little over 400 miles away, so our ride is going to be long one tomorrow.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. The long drive will be worth it. The campground at John James Audubon Park in Henderson is simple, but the park itself is incredibly gorgeous. We really loved the beautiful museum there, it is a treasure. There are 60 varieties of hardwoods in that park. Your post reminded me of how much I loved it when we visited in september of last year

  2. Wonderful pics -- love Amish country...find it so interesting!

  3. nice looking campground!! much is the passport america pass per year???