Friday, August 26, 2011

Arrive at Greg and Charlotte’s home

Only being at Greg and Charlotte’s home once before, last year, I was relying on the GPS to get us there from last nights campsite in Henderson, KY about 22 miles away.

We knew they lived on a narrow gravel road, and we would have to disconnect the car prior to pulling into their driveway. There is a small church at the corner of the main highway and Greg’s road, and we decided that it would be wise to stop there and disconnect the car from behind the motorhome.

A phone call was made to Greg while we were at the church and he was home waiting for our arrival.

The Driveway looking from the workshop, splits right to the home, left to the main road.DSC_3396

It was a little tricky getting parked close to their “workshop” but Greg had a plan. Drive up toward their home, turn around in the yard, head back toward the road. When you get to the split in the drive, back upward into the drive toward the workshop.

Parked in front of their “Workshop”DSC_3398

Greg accommodated us with a newly installed 30 Amp plug that we could plug our Motorhome into. Thank You Greg!

Wilma had a great idea a couple years ago to bring Greg and Charlotte a gift of items “Made in Michigan”. She gave them a basket last year and they really appreciated it, so this year Wilma put together another “Made in Michigan” container.











We believe it was another big hit with them.

Opening their gift inside their “Workshop”DSC_3402

Greg is known for canning and freezing many items from his garden. One of those items is Tomato juice. He knows how much I enjoyed his Tomato Juice so we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a “Bloody Mary”.

Enjoying a Bloody Mary at the counter in the workshopDSC_3407

As the day progressed, Greg wanted to take us to one of their favorite restaurants. I handed the keys to my car to Charlotte and she drove us to Feedmill Restaurant.DSC_3388

Wilma’s plate of delicious foodDSC_3393

A piece of  gator, “Delicious!”DSC_3392

Wilma and I had our first taste of gator and fiddlers. Greg explained fiddlers was a farm raised catfish served ‘bone in’. All I can say is “I wish we had a Feedmill Restaurant where I live”! What a delicious dinner. Thank you Greg and Charlotte.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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