Saturday, August 13, 2011

Block Party then a Storm

The block party that we attended this evening was a great hit. More food than everyone attending could possibly eat.


We were told there was even going to be a live band. Cool! So around 6pm Wilma and I walked over to the next block to join in the festivities.


It didn’t look like it was a full block long but we intended to meet a few of the neighbors and socialize.

Cute sign on Christian’s shirt100_1172

Christian with Dad, Jeff100_1173

As we approached the gathering, we were greeted by Karen who seems to know “everyone within a mile”. She led us around introducing us to several of the neighbors. It was really great getting to know several of the families. Now we can put faces of who lives in which home.



Even the band played good, especially for just a 3 piece band.

Around 7pm, Angel phoned us and told us there was a severe thunderstorm heading our way. According to the TV weathermen and the radar, there was no way it could miss us.


Wilma passed the word around and before long everyone was helping to put the tables and chairs away. Within a half hour you couldn’t tell there was a block party. Everything cleared and put away.

By 8:30 the sky was lit up with lightening and the rain came falling down. Within a half hour it was over. Not as bad as everyone expected.

The rain did cause the block party to end a little early, but it didn’t spoil the fun had by all before it arrived.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Nice! That is a practice that deserves a comeback across the country.

  2. Nice to know your neighbors... looks like it was a fun event!
    Travel safe

  3. great way to meet the neighbours!!!..looks like it was a fun time! the sign on the back of the 'little guy'!! cute!!