Thursday, August 25, 2011

John James State Park, Henderson KY.

After a long, long ride we finally made it to the John James State Park in Henderson, KY.

This is the first time we have been to this State Park, and we noticed right away that this Campground had been designed many years ago. Most of the sites were set up for smaller trailers leaving only a handful for large Motorhomes such as ours. We were given site #3. I’m very happy there was no camper in the site just across from ours, as I had to back into there site to make the swing into our site. Many of the sites were just laid out reverse of what is normal, making it very difficult to park. I guess the people who first designed the layout of the campsites were NOT campers.

The tree made it difficult to get into this site.DSC_3385

After settling in, we drove around the park in our car. I was really impressed with how large of a park it really is! From the main entrance, most of the park is hidden by trees.

Wilma remembered that her parents brought the family here to go swimming when she was a small child. We found the lake and where the beach used to be, but is no longer there. Now the small lake is just for fishing and paddle boats.

We had a great night sleep, and felt this was a very nice Campground to stay at if one is in the area and is looking for a campsite.

Looking at the reflections on the lakeDSC_3382

There was a car show locallyDSC_3378


Tomorrow morning we are heading to Greg and Charlotte’s home. Greg and Wilma are related, his Grandmother and Wima’s Grandfather were brother and sister. Would that make them third cousins? Eye rolling smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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