Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kybee seems to be OK!

We have been keeping a very sharp eye on Kybee, our little 7 year old PUG.

Last Friday afternoon, he took a leap out of the drivers door window of our Motorhome, down onto concrete. That’s a little over 6 foot from the window to the concrete below. We did notice a little blood on the bottom of his chin. Probably when he hit the concrete.

He did show signs late Friday and Saturday morning that something was wrong. By that I mean he acted like he was chasing something in front of him on the floor. He would lower his head, look back and forth a few times, then dart forward a few feet. He would then stop and repeat the process several times before he would finally lay down.

Sunday he was showing signs of being back to normal, meaning that he didn’t “go after” the invisible something on the floor. When we arrived home from our week end trip, he just laid around the house sleeping quite a bit.

Monday he slept more than he was awake. Every time I passed him where he was laying, he would open his eyes and follow me with his eyes, never moving a muscle. After about 6 hours passed I noticed his eyes still following me and he had not moved! I became a little alarmed and went over to pet him. He rolled over to his side, stretched, and stood up looking at me. Ah ha I thought, your playing lazy bones today aren’t you. The rest of the day he acted normal. Fingers crossed

I have to say, our little guy sure did give Wilma and I a bad scare. It actually crossed my mind that I might have to get prepared to have him put down. Crying face 


Today I’m happy to say that he is back to being himself. Every thing seems to be working, food goes in his mouth and exits the other end with no problems. Welcome back Kybee!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. I am so glad to hear this... I for one was worried after reading about his leap out the window! Thanks for updating us!

  2. what a scary thing to happen. Glad Kybee is OK!

  3. That was a big leap. What a tough little pug:)

  4. Great news! Glad to hear Kybee is all back to normal after her daring flight!!

  5. Glad he is feeling better