Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tree Trim Day

When we went out on the deck this morning to have our coffee, everything was wet. We had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, and it has been so humid that nothing dried throughout the night.

Sitting there sipping my coffee, I looked up and noticed the tree branches actually laying on the roof of the house. All the extra weight of the water made them heavy enough to actually reach the roof.

Can’t have tree branches on the roof at anytime! That would pretty much wear out the shingles in no time. So I planned on doing some tree trimming today.

Tree limbs just reaching the roof line.100_1163

You know, 30 years ago I could climb ladders and get right up onto the roof of our Colonial home. But today I figured I could reach the branches with my extended ladder and tree trimmer.

Extension ladder and tree trimmer leaning against our home 100_1164

Yep, from down on the ground it looks like it will be a “piece of cake.” After all, I have one of those “Little Giant Ladder Systems!” Plenty sturdy to hold up a guy of my stature. Embarrassed smile

So I asked Wilma if she would assist me outside, just in case I would fall!

Stretching to get the branch100_1166

Looking at these pictures, it just doesn’t look all that high to me. Of course that’s from down here! It looks a little more scary from up there.

Just a little higher….100_1168

Can’t look down! Nerves are starting to get the best of me. Now why does that happen with age? Like I said, 30 years ago, I actually was up on that roof, leaning over the edge painting the white trim! Surprised smile 

A little higher and a little more stretch and I could have reached them all100_1169

Oh well. Most of the branches were removed. More has to be trimmed back, but that can wait for another day after my nerves settle down. Disappointed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. You are a brave soul. After falling off a ladder a couple of years ago cleaning the motorhome. I will only use a step ladder now:)

  2. Good job, Fred. I'm with you on the age thing. For the first time ever, I hired young guys to clean our gutters last month. I used to climb up and lean over to do it but no more!

  3. I remember reading about that in your Blog Rick.
    There is no way I could ever get up on that roof. Took everything I had to get up that far on the ladder.

  4. Scary... good job though!
    Have fun