Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Say Goodbye To Greg And Charlotte

The evening before we left Greg and Charlotte’s home, we were sitting around under the Motorhome’s awning, enjoying life and talking about all the things we had done while there. We just couldn’t have had a much better time then what we had. Thank you Greg and Charlotte for making us feel soooo welcomed! Even Ben dropped by on the Kawasaki Mule to join us.
Meet Ben. He made sure the Coyotes kept their distance from us at night.DSC_3653

Of course the favorite, Tess joined in also.
Meet Tess. “The Favorite” DSC_3657

It just wouldn’t be a family gathering if it weren’t for Speck.
Meet Speck. Such a loving dog, just can’t get close enough to you.DSC_3654

Case, their female Boxer must have been on Coyote duty and missed the gathering. But when she does come around she always lets you know. I remembered when we first arrived, and all the dogs came out to greet us. It was Case that caught my eye. She looks intimidating but her warm heart will win you over in minutes. It was a funny moment when Case first met Kybee. Both dogs with their noses pushed in, one towering over the other. But it was Kybee who was the one doing the barking. Dog face
Greg felt that the Sycamore tree branches were just a little too low along his drive, and feared we might do some damage to the units on our Motorhome’s roof. So he decided it was time to do some trimming!

Greg and Charlotte load the saw and ladder on the “Mule” and off we go down the drive to the first of many tree’s that he felt needed trimming. Charlotte stopped the Mule under the first tree, Greg opened the ladder in the back of the Mule, and I braced the ladder so he wouldn’t fall. Very scary to me, but Greg had it all under control.

I tip my hat to you Greg! You have gone above and beyond helping us out. Thank you once again!
Wilma and I both extend our thanks to you Greg and Charlotte for your wonderful hospitality. You made our stay with you more pleasant than you could ever imagine! God bless you both!
Tomorrow morning we leave and head for Cousin Linda’s home.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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