Monday, August 22, 2011

A Wedding then a Brake Repair

Last Friday, Wilma and I had the Motorhome packed and ready for a trip to Imlay City, MI to stay at our friends Gary & Cheryl’s home for the week end. We were invited to the wedding of the Grandson of our friends Joe & Diane, that was held Saturday afternoon in Inlay City.

Everything was going well as we pulled away from our home. We planned on stopping and getting the LP Gas tank filled on the way. Pulling into the supplier for a fill up, we were met by one of the workmen. “We can’t fill up any RV’s any longer. There is a broken part and the boss determined it to be to expensive to fix” is what he told us. Well I thought, that’s ok, we can just head over to the other supplier that I have done business with in the past.

Pulling into the second supplier we found a note on the door. “No longer selling retail.” Well dog gone! That’s not good, I’m thinking. So I call Gary and left a message asking if there were any suppliers around Imlay City that I could get my tank filled.

Onward to Imlay City we drove. About 2 miles outside of the city I noticed the Motorhome pulling to the right. I made a comment to Wilma that there is something wrong with the right front tire or wheel, because it is pulling to the right. We came up to a stop light, Wilma say’s she smells something like rubber burning. Surprised smile I figured it was the brake because I’ve had problems with that brake before.

Just as the light turned green, Gary phoned me telling me to turn left at the next light and the LP Gas dealer is on the right. So within a half mile I made the left and pulled into the dealer to purchase the LP Gas.

As the attendant was filling the tank, I walked over to the front tire. Sure enough there was a small amount of smoke rising out from behind the wheel. No fire, just a very hot wheel and brake pads. As I was only within two miles of Gary’s home, I decided to drive slowly the rest of the way, and take the gravel back roads.

After filling the LP Tank, the attendant and I walked back to the office. This is where (not so happy things) started to happen.

Wilma stayed in the Motorhome with Kybee as I went to pay for the LP Gas. As I was returning, Wilma was calling Kybee’s name. As I arrived, she said she used the bathroom and when she finished, Kybee wasn’t in the Motorhome. I walked back around the Motorhome to see Kybee walking to the Motorhome from the fuel pumps, a few hundred feet away! We were frantic wondering how he got out of the Motorhome. Then we saw that I left the drivers window open. There was no other way for him to exit the Motorhome except by jumping out of that window to the concrete below. That’s just a little over 6 feet from the concrete! Disappointed smile We did notice some blood on his chin, but other than that he seemed to be fine.

Now we both are worrying about Kybee AND the brakes.

It was a good thing I could take gravel back roads to Gary’s home from the dealer, because the brake pedal was going almost to the floor to stop the Motorhome. We parked in our designated area, walked over to Gary’s covered deck and enjoyed a cool refreshment. (The type to calm one’s nerves.)

Joe was telling us that his brakes on his trailer quit working on the way here also! Seems he has a wire that is shorting out and needs to be found and repaired. (Bad luck following BOTH of us!)

Tomorrow everyone will be going to Joes’ grandson’s wedding. It is an outdoor wedding with the reception behind his home. Joe mentioned that the bride is going to “Ride up on a Horse!” This I thought is going to be an interesting wedding.


We wake up, have our breakfast and notice Kybee not acting quite right. He is looking like he is getting ready to chase something across the room. With his head lowered, looking back and forth, he darts across the floor, stops turns and darts again. This happened a couple times before he stopped and acted normal again. Wilma and I knew we needed to keep him quiet today and watch him closely.

Gary and I pull the front tire off the Motorhome. The caliber and pads need to be replaced, along with the brake hose and more fluid.

The brake hose even turned a different color from the heat generated100_1181

We head over to NAPA and I purchase what’s needed. We decide that as NAPA is open Sunday, we would wait until then to start the repair job. Plus, there is a 40% chance of rain today, and we didn’t want to be working on the brakes in the rain!

The wedding was beautiful! The rain held off until after the ceremony, there were plenty of tents for everyone to stay out of the weather.

Wilma & I. ~ Cheryl & Gary.  ~ Plenty of tents to stay out of the weather.100_1188



The sky was getting darker as we were seated. The groom looked anxiously for his bride. Then the DJ started the music chosen by the Bride. We all rose, turned around and watched as she arrived on horseback!

The Brides father waiting to help his daughter off the horse100_1193



The rain held off, and the wedding ceremony concluded. Everyone then walked over to the tent area and chose a table to sit at. From the catered dinner, to the DJ, everything went great.  Everyone was having a great time, and I believe it will be a wedding I’ll never forget!

Grandpa Joe blowing bubbles in the fish bowl centerpiece100_1210


When we arrived back at Gary’s home, the four of us decided we would like to play some cards, which we did until a little after midnight. So much fun with so much laughter!


After breakfast, Gary and I started working on replacing the brake system on the right front of our Motorhome.

Laying on your back, looking through tri-focals is NOT fun!100_1219

We knew the hardest part was going to be removing the rubber brake line from the brake system. We had to make sure we didn’t twist the steel brake line going up to the master cylinder. We were aware of this yesterday and pre soaked the fitting with a penetrant.

Monte, Gary’s dad, came over to watch us in action100_1221

The penetrant worked it’s wonders and the fitting was removed easily. However the new hose was a very tight fit getting the clips back on to secure it through the frame. After 6 hours of hard work, we completed the brake job.

We then moved over to Gary’s Motorhome where he had previously replaced the cooling unit in his refrigerator. It takes two guys to lift the fridge into the Motorhome, over the dinette area, and lowered into place. With that installed, we both sat and had a refreshing beverage. Smile

As we departed to head back home, I worked the brakes a few times on the back country roads. The brakes felt as though they were working perfectly. Needless to say, I drove very cautious the rest of the way home.

Arriving home, the first thing I did was crawl underneath the Motorhome and check the brake line going to the right front wheel. All dry, everything looked perfect. A phone call to Gary ensuring him that the brakes worked perfectly.

I’m so blessed to have a close friend as my buddy Gary! Thank you Gary for once again coming to my aid. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Great job on fixing the brakes, Fred. That's the type of job I would be hopeless at.

    Looks like the wedding was fun too - can't say I've ever seen a bride arrive in a wedding gown on horseback!

  2. Glad you got your brakes repaired and the wedding looks like it was beautiful... BUT how is your little furbaby???
    Have fun & Travel safe

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