Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Country Family Reunion

The start of the day was a mild 78 degrees, beautiful blue skies and the sun was starting to shine. Little did we know that it was going to hit a record High temperature today of 104 degrees F.
We had set up the tables and canopy’s the evening before. Today the final touches were applied.

Table cloths, balloons, fans and coolers with plenty of ice. I filled up close to 100 water balloons for a game later on today. I had them filled and in two 5 gallon buckets that I placed in the basement for safe keeping.
Linda, Beth, Wilma, Eddie and myself took a break and was sitting around one of the tables trying to keep cool, as best as we could. I had an idea! Why don’t I go and get 3 of those water balloons and cool the girls off!? Open-mouthed smile So I snuck around to the basement, got 3 of the water balloons and returned. Walked up behind Linda and squeezed the water balloon just under her chin.Surprised smile Of course this soaked her pretty good, and after the scream from the shock of the cool water, she said it actually made her feel pretty good! Well…..I just had to be a gentleman and help Beth and Wilma cool off too. So I proceeded to do the same for Beth and Wilma. Eddie and I got a pretty good chuckle out of it, and when the ladies saw us laughing I was told to watch out for pay backs, as it will happen. Disappointed smileOh oh, now I will have to keep a sharp look out for an attack later!
The family members started to arrive around 10 am and we were scheduled to eat around noon. Linda’s yard was starting to look quite festive for a family reunion.

As there was only one shade tree in the yard, it was a “First come first served” kind of thing for positioning under the tree in the shade. 11 am came and the temperature was into the mid 90’s and rising. No breeze was felt from mother nature, so getting a position in front of a fan was plus.


As it got closer to the time to eat Linda called everyone over to the food table for a family blessing. Two lines were formed and it didn’t take long at all for everyone to get their plates filled with an assortment of delicious country cooked food.

Usually just after dinner, there are several games scheduled to be played for the kids and adults alike. But as the temperature was by now just over 100 F. it was decided it was just too hot and nobody wants to see anyone get ill from the heat. We actually had a water balloon game scheduled but it was decided to play that game in the evening when it cools down a little.

So everyone just mingled and caught up with what has been happening in everyone’s lives.

A few of the family members brought gifts to be raffled out. Everyone had a chance to get a ticket to win a great prize. Some of the prizes handed out were:
An oil paintingDSC_3691

A basket of household itemsDSC_3702

Garden fresh produceDSC_3694

Several hand made afghansDSC_3699

An artificial flower wreathDSC_3704

Everyone enjoyed and was quite happy with their prizes.
I was lucky enough to get a few pictures of the eldest and youngest of the family gathered here today.
Aunt Dean at 80 years of age, and her Great Grandson (baby McBride) at 3 weeks old who’s name escapes meDSC_3776

As the day progressed so did the rising of the temperature. It was now 3 pm and 104 F. outside. Most of the families left for home and had planned on returning later this evening. Linda had a Karaoke group scheduled to arrive at 8pm until 11pm.
The Karaoke group setting up and checking out the sound systemDSC_3815

It didn’t take long and the talent’s of this family started to shine forth.

Even those who just wanted to “have fun” showed that they can sing too!


Getting back to the water balloon “cooling off of the ladies”. Remember that I have the camera, and I kept thinking that as long as I have the camera I should be safe from any “cooling off” from water balloons. That is until Wilma saw me standing next to Heather, and asked for the camera to get a picture of me and her. I handed her the camera.
I know now that Heather knew about the future water balloon attack upon me. Notice her sneaky grin?DSC_3903

Wilma took the picture but would not give the camera back. She gave me some excuse that I don’t remember now because I immediately went into a paranoia spell! Snapping my head back and forth looking around I just knew that Linda had a couple water balloons and was sneaking around behind us to “get me back” from earlier.
I headed for Heather’s dad, Eddie and sat in a chair next to him waiting for Heather to take the mike and sing another song. (I swear she is great enough to sign professionally).
He asked what was wrong, I wasn’t acting like myself. I reminded him of the water balloon “cooling off of the ladies”. I told him “I just know it’s coming, just don’t know when or where”. I just happened to have a plastic grocery bag in my pocket that I used to put my cell phone and keys into so they would not get wet. He laughed as I kept snapping my head around looking for “the attack to happen”. After a little while, I settled down and we were just having small talk when all of a sudden he said, “ Well Fred, I got to go”. As I watched him jump out of his chair and head away, I looked around and there was Wilma heading straight for me with 2 water balloons! My fat gut kept me from getting out of the chair quickly, when SPLASH from behind!

Linda, Beth and Wilma held good to their promise!DSC_3927

They got me good, but they used more than 3 balloons. From the looks of myself they probably used at least 50 balloons! I have to say though, it sure did cool me off from the heat of the day! 
Another great reunion was had by all who attended.
Thank you Linda for hosting the reunion at your home once again this year.
And a very special Thank You for allowing us to park the Motorhome next to your home and plug into your electric. Memories were made that Wilma and I will never forget.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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