Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Day at the Cider Mills

Wilma had a great idea this morning. After we had our morning coffee, she suggested that we find an Apple Cider Mill to go to. So I proceeded to get on the internet and see if I could find one near by that we haven’t been to in the past.

I came upon THIS WEBSITE listing all Cider Mills and Farms in Michigan.

We decided to try OBSTBAUM ORCHARDS first. It was a fairly small Cider Mill in our opinion but a treat to visit.












The orchard is located in the country side near the small town of Salem, Michigan. Located approximately 50 miles West of where we live. Seemed like a great Sunday afternoon ride, so off we went with our list of Cider Mills that I printed out from the internet.












The grounds were very well kept up, and pleasing to the eye. Kind of got you in the mood for Cider prior to walking into the building.












They even had a small Pumpkin Patch for those visitors who would like to pick the “perfect pumpkin” for their Halloween decorations.












Next to the pumpkin patch, was a number of picnic tables set up for those who wished to eat their fresh donuts and drink their fresh apple cider.














Just inside the entrance were two antique apple cider presses.

We also noticed that each area that was designated to producing a food for the public, was behind glass windows. I thought they did this for health reasons, but who knows? It did make for a very clean atmosphere.

Some of the pastries being made fresh while you watchedDSC_4238










Next was the automatic donut making machine. I’m already feeling the pounds jump on me!












This conveyor takes them to a tumbler where the sugar and cinnamon are added.DSC_4241










The apples arrive in large 20 bushel crates toward the rear of the building. There they are sorted by employees. The best of the apples are sold separately while the rest are processed into Apple Cider.












The modern apple press, also located in a separate room sealed off by windows.DSC_4243










From that area we entered the “store” area where you can purchase their products.











Wilma just had to have a bag of local grown apples. Of course we also bought a half gallon of cider and 6 donuts! Like I said, I can feel the pounds jumping on me.

We headed for the picnic tables, enjoying not only the cider and donuts, but the wonderful sunny day we were having.

We then left that Cider Mill and headed for our next destination.

We chose The Franklin Cider Mill located in Franklin, Michigan.












This Cider Mill is a much, much busier place than the previous one. With such a beautiful day, seemed like everyone in the area decided to visit the Cider Mill!

You parked in a large lot across the street from the Mill. Parking was crowded but manageable. As you walked across the street from the parking lot to the Mill, the first thing you notice is people sitting along the small river powering the Cider Mill presses.












Following the crowd, you cross over the river via a well made bridge.












Can you tell everyone is enjoying not only the river, but the wonderful Apple Cider?













As soon as you cross the bridge we had to stop and just take a look around, taking it all in.












A few vendors were set up outside selling their items. One fellow was playing a mandolin! Great for the atmosphere.





We found the prices a little elevated above the prices from the previous Cider Mill. But I guess as this is a much larger operation they might need to demand a little more for their products.




















Just outside the Mill is this large plaque telling a little of the history of this Mill.













Upon entering the Mill, you will notice this sign on the door made from license plates. What a great idea! Must have taken quite some time to acquire all the different license plates.












To the right of the entrance is the Apple Press. Not wanting anyone to get hurt in the close quarters, the press was in a fenced in area.












Had to take a picture of this history that was hanging on the wall. Hopefully you can make it large enough to read.












Being quite crowded in the Mill and the “store front area” we decided to just take a photo and leave.












We really enjoyed our short stay in the Franklin, Michigan area. Someday we will probably stop by again when we have more time.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Guess I'm stuck in the wrong state to enjoy any apple mills. :(