Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lunch at Mr. B’s Henderson, KY.

We were planning on a visit with Eddie and Beth, Wilma’s brother and his wife, on Sunday. When she called him, he asked if we would like to go out for lunch. So a little while later they showed up at Linda’s. We jumped in the car and off to Henderson we went as they had a restaurant picked out for us to try. The restaurant they liked was Mr. B's. We found out why they liked it so well, as the food we had was delicious!
Waiting on the ladies to finish their smoke before enteringDSC_3934

They specialize in wings and Pizza. Just our luck they were having a special when you order wings with the pizza. So that’s just what we did! Eddie also ordered Nacho’s as an appetizer. WOW now that was a great Nacho!
The table was filled with all the food we had. When we left we were ALL full!DSC_3940

You had to order 50 wings to get the wing and pizza deal. As I tend to like my wings on the hot side, the waitress said she could have 10 of the 50 wings put on the side with a hotter sauce. Great so I picked the second from the hottest, which was their XHot. The remaining 40 wings were ordered Mild.
The 40 wings were ordered “Mild” but seemed to be on the “Hot” sideDSC_3943

My wings were just right for me. As I had the XHot, the next step down was Hot followed by Mild. As Wilma doesn’t care for any spice on her wings, that is what was ordered. When I tasted one of them though it didn’t seem to me to be mild. It did indeed have a little heat to them. But they were thoroughly enjoyed by Eddie, Beth and Wilma.
The thin crust PizzaDSC_3944

Each of us only had room for a small piece of Pizza. We were just stuffed from the Nacho and Wings! The Pizza was taken home in a carry out box to be enjoyed later.
Afterwards we headed back to Linda’s home for some family chatting. Smile
Thank You Eddie and Beth for the Lunch. I enjoyed the left over wings and pizza later that evening.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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