Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Porch then the Carpet

Today we welcome Bob and Vicky of Cedarcreekin  Welcome Bob and Vicky, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Dad and I usually go out to dinner on Thursday evenings. I decided to take my laptop with me so he could watch the video that I took last week of riding in a combine.

After our return from the restaurant, I put the laptop on his kitchen table so he could watch the video. Needless to say, he really enjoyed it! I think it brought back memories of when he was a kid and used to help his older brother and Uncle with work on the farm. Some of the stories were told to me later that evening.

Dad enjoying the video100_1222. (The date is wrong in the photo).

One of the stories was how his Uncle used to drive a team of horses pulling a 2 row combine. He was in awe watching the video of me sitting in an 8 row modern combine. How times have changed, from one generation to another!


We also talked about his front porch. It actually looks like a slab of concrete, 4’x10’x8in high. In years past it settles away from the house. He had many years ago used a floor jack and jacked up the front of the porch to add dirt under it to level it. Now it has settled again and was leaning away from the house. I mentioned that I would come back tomorrow and with his guidance, get the porch back level again.

Friday morning around 9 I arrived with my floor jack and shovel ready to jack up the porch. I had the camera on the front seat of the car to take pictures of my progress. BUT…in my concentration to do the job, I completely forgot the camera! Confused smile Dang it! That would have made for a much better blog post if I only would have taken pictures. 

It was much easier than I first had thought. Dad said the porch is actually hollow so it won’t be too hard to jack it up. A little digging in the front of the porch, just enough to get the jack under the front lip, and I started to jack up the porch. So easy, the porch rose with each pump of the jack. I got it lifted enough to get some 2X6 lumber under each corner for the porch to rest on. Lowered the jack and the porch sat in the perfect position that Dad wanted.

After returning home a couple hours later, I started on cleaning the carpet in our family and living rooms. Starting with the family room, the furniture is moved into the kitchen. When the carpet is dry, I move the furniture back into the family room and move the furniture from the living room into the kitchen. This gives me a much needed break while waiting for the carpet to dry.

Some of the living room furniture in the kitchen100_1223

As I wanted to get both rooms done, I didn’t end up finishing the job until around 7pm! Of course there was at least a couple hours between rooms while waiting for the carpet to dry, and this is when I had my supper.


Today is starting to look like a perfect day to do some yard work. So I’ll be heading outside after I move the furniture out of the kitchen and place it back in the front room.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Wow what a busy day for you... job well done!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. job well done..and time well spent with your Dad!!!