Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vent Fan arm Fixed

First I would like to welcome another follower of my ramblings. Welcome Judy and Emma. She has a great blog to follow, "Travels with Emma".

Today was the day to fix the vent fan in the bathroom area of the Motorhome. It seems that the guide pin on the arm that raises and lowers the  cover had failed. I knew the first time I looked at it where the problem was. A piece of plastic on the pin had become brittle with age and broke.

Taken from the roof looking down. 100_1232










The white circular piece was much larger in diameter originally. But now it’s small enough to fall out of the groove in the guide arm fastened to the cover. This not only stopped us from opening and closing the cover, it actually would raise open while driving.

After removing the mechanical arm from the vent fan frame, I proceeded into the garage to look for a substitute bolt and nut that would work. Knowing this would be a long shot, and probably a lost cause, I pulled out the first of a dozen small drawers that I have filled with an assortment of nuts and bolts.

Amazingly though within a half hour I found one that might work.

Sorry for the blurred picture. This bolt only had threads part way up the shaft.100_1240










It looked to be about a half inch in length, with threads only part of the way on the shaft. Perfect I thought, after checking to make sure the head of the bolt would go through the large opening on the guide of the cover, which it did. So now back to my drawers of assorted nuts to find one that would fit this tiny bolt. Another half hour of looking and presto, I found one! Smile

The “Before” picture showing the worn out guide pin.100_1239










After the installation of the new bolt.100_1242










I realize that it’s not perfect, but I believe it will work for many, many years. That’s much better than ordering a new roof hatch from the Winnebago parts company.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. It pays to be innovative -- anything to keep from ordering from Winnebago!