Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Long Week, been Very Busy.

Last Thursday, the 20th. we left with our friends Joe & Diane for an extended week-end of camping. We were headed for Rifle River in Sterling, MI. When we planned the trip back 3 months ago, we didn’t think the advancement of the fall colors would be so far south.

Taking a walk through the deserted campground.DSC_4347 

On our way north, I commented to Wilma that the colors were about 95% at our home,  but a 3 hour drive north there won’t be much color left. That’s just about how we found the colors to be at the campground. The only trees that still had any color leaves were the Birch and Oak trees. But they sure did look pretty and the cool temperatures got us in the mood for accepting the Fall weather. It was in the 50’s during the days and down to the lower 30’s at night.

Joe, Diane, Wilma and myself had the entire campground to ourselves until 9pm when Gary and Cheryl arrived. The next morning we did notice there was a couple in one of the rental trailers. We got to meet them Friday evening when they came over to our campfire and told us they were leaving Saturday morning and that we could take the remaining firewood they had. We appreciated the firewood and by the end of the Weekend all the firewood we had was burned.

Diane F., Joe F., Cheryl S., Wilma H., Gary S., and of course Kybee our Pug on the dash of our MH.DSC_4334

Wilma standing at the bank of the Rifle River. DSC_4359

Just on the other bank of the River is Whites Canoe and Campground. Just to Wilma’s right, in the picture above, is the canoe take out spot, not only for Whites, but for our resort. With membership reservations at our campground you are entitled to one canoe and a two hour paddle down the river, at no charge. Maybe some year we just might try it out. But from what we have been told this campground is full of the 20+ age groups that enjoy the canoeing, like we did at that age.

Along our walk through the campground, we came upon “THE HILL”. Just 3 or 4 years ago we went up that hill with little effort. BUT…..this time was a challenge for all of us.

Doesn’t look very high or steep, but it’s close to 25 feet high and steep! Plus the leaves were wet from rain the night before.DSC_4360

The video I shot below mostly shows everyone’s rear end. But I just couldn’t help myself as I thought it could have been one of those “magic moments” and wanted to get it on film. Don’t really know if it’s very funny to my readers, but for us we had a great laugh over our struggle to get up the hill. Smile

We did pretty good considering our age!

We all had a great time camping this weekend. From sitting around the campfire exchanging lies, to having a Chili cook off dinner we all shared.  More memories made.

We left Monday afternoon and headed back home, arriving home around 4pm. Unpacked the fridge and some essentials and then crashed in front of the TV. I believe we were in bed by 8pm.

Tuesday at 11am, I was to take Tina and Rebecca to the Children’s Hospital in Detroit. Rebecca needed to have some minor surgery. I drove so Tina could be with her on our return home later in the day. Surgery went terrific and we were back home by 5pm. We took the family out to dinner except for Tina and Rebecca who stayed back at home. For them we got a carry out.

Wednesday I worked on removing all the food items and liquids out of the Motorhome. Wow…we didn’t realize we had so many canned goods in the MH. Wilma said she won’t pack nearly half that amount when we go to Florida in February.  After everything was removed from the MH that we needed taken out, I proceeded to Winterize it. Blew out all the water lines and added anti freeze to the traps in the kitchen and bathroom. Next will be to remove the batteries, bringing them into the house and putting them on a trickle charge until next February.

Thursday and Friday we had rain off and on all day, so no work was done outside.

Saturday came and I changed the oil and oil filter in the MH. Afterward I started up the lawn mower and hopefully cut the grass for the last time this year. Within a half hour after finishing up mowing the lawn, the skies darkened and we got another shower. Perfect time for lunch. Wilma had already prepared Tuna sandwiches for us.

After lunch I taped plastic onto the whole house attic fan. I found that by doing this each fall it stops a considerable amount of heated air escaping through the movable louvers all winter. Saves on the heat bill.

No air can get through the plastic or the aluminum duct tape. Airtight seal is accomplished saving heating $$$.DSC_4437

That’s about it so….

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Looks like you are ready for the winter. Let 'er snow! Our trees in northern WI were beautiful for one day, then the winds came for days on end. Now all the leaves are raked to the woods, and we are waiting that first magical snowfall.

  2. Definitely looks like winter is around the corner. We camped at that campground in July a few years ago and there were some wild happenings across the way at the canoe place:)