Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Motorhome Maintenance

Before I start today let me introduce 3 new followers of my rambling.

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Last week end while we were camping, I made notes for myself on things that must be fixed with the Motorhome.

The first thing I wanted to take care of was a small leak around the front windshield. In the 2 days of rain that we had over the past week end, it leaked a total of about a gallon of water. I remembered the glass man telling me when he replaced the windshield on the passenger side that there would be NO guarantee against leakage. He then pointed out to me the metal frame around the windshield was badly rusted. In some places was actually rusted away! He proceeded to apply the sealant extra heavy around the affected areas maybe prolonging any problems. On Monday morning I had my ladders, sealant, cleaning rags and anything extra I thought I might need to “re-seal” the windshield. By mid afternoon it started to sprinkle, so I put all my gear back in the garage until Tuesday.

Tuesday came and the weather was looking pretty nice, so out I went to finish the windshield sealant. After I finished that job, I remembered the amber marker lights above the windshield. I knew the center bulb was not working so back up the ladder I went. On a close inspection of the marker light, I noticed that there was water behind the lens. So I proceeded to remove the complete light. Being a Winnebago, it has unique parts in certain areas and this was one of them. When I went to my local RV parts supplier they could not match it for an exact replacement and recommend that I call Mobility RV who supplies Winnebago parts to older units. I placed the call, talked to a salesman and he is going to get back with me on availability and cost. In the mean time I used some Aluminum Tape to seal the opening where the light was removed. So now I’m in a waiting period for Mobility RV to phone me back.

Wednesday morning brings another beautiful day. More work to be done on the Motorhome. Today was work on the kitchen sink area.

The trap under the kitchen sink leaks and needed to be replaced.DSC_4276

Along with a trap that needs to be replaced, the faucet also needs to be replaced. Off to the plumbing supply store. I noticed that the line leaving the trap was 1¼” but the rest was 1½”. This I thought might be a problem matching up at the plumbing store so I took the configuration with me to show a salesman. Sure enough, they could not match exactly what I had, but recommended that I purchase the complete set up made for the 1½” size and just use the trap instead of changing everything. This was exactly what I did. Taking the easy way out was the best way for me as I HATE PLUMBING WORK!

The next item to be replaced was the kitchen faucet. As I had the drain lines removed from the sink, this was the time to work on removing the faucet.

The water lines behind and underneath the sink that had to be removed.DSC_4278

It must have been quite a site to see me laying on my back side, twisted underneath the sink trying to reach those water lines going to the faucet. I’m sure glad my arms were as long as they are and not a few inches shorter! Did anyone ever tell you how hard it is for us people who have bi-focal or like myself, tri-focal lenses and have to look up at something close? Just kidding Well let’s just say that it is NOT easy doing this kind of work in a total blur. Sarcastic smile But I did indeed and got a new faucet installed.  Open-mouthed smile

Now it was on to installing the new trap.

New trap installed, job complete and everything works with NO LEAKS Thumbs upDSC_4279

I realize it won’t win a “looks great” contest because of the white color, but no one will be seeing it except for Wilma and I, and we don’t mind the miss match in color. After a water leak test, every joint passed. No Leaks!

The next thing that needed to be fixed was the electrical box that fell out of it’s opening in the ceiling behind the rear monitor.

The electrical box pulled out of the ceiling when I pulled a plug out of it last week end.DSC_4282

I noticed that the small plastic tabs on the screws were broke. They are used to clamp on the upper side of the ceiling holding the box in place. So off to Lowe’s to buy a new outlet box. As it turned out, I did buy a box with plastic tabs, but could not use the box because of it’s size. So I used just the tabs and replaced the original electrical outlet back in it’s original place in the ceiling. Didn’t get an after picture, but it is done and looks great. Another job off my list.

Next was to WD-40 the side door hinges and the electric step hinges. That took no time at all and it’s checked off my list.

Next was the windshield wiper pivot joints and arms under the hood. Upon a close inspection of the wiper motor and arms I found the 2 screws that mount the motor very loose. The top one almost ready to fall out!

Screws almost falling out! No room for a TORX screw driver! Oh No!DSC_4280-2

As there was absolutely no room for a TORX screwdriver I had to use what was available in my tool box. Found a needle nose vise grip pliers that worked and within an hour these two screws were back to being tight and holding the wiper motor securely. Another job well done. ( I hope I’m not sounding like I’m patting myself on the back, as I’m not really.)

There are still a couple window shades that need to be re-strung. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. That is a lot of projects! Of all of them, I dread the one mentioned last the most-restringing those poorly produced blinds. WE have already had to do four so far:(

  2. Its great when people share their fixes! Take care then...