Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yard/RV/Computer Work and a drive in the Country

Thursday the 6th.

Note to self: Fix the date in the camera! The dates showing on the pictures on this blog are 3 days early.

We have another new follower of our Blog! Please welcome Levonne. She has two blogs that you might like to follow, one being A Camp Host's Meanderings: An RV Adventure, and the other Levonne's Pretty Pics. Welcome Levonne to my wanderings.

I have decided that I am just not talented enough to create a post every day. I would be happy with myself if I could just create a post once a week! Actually the real reason I started this blog was as a way of keeping track of events, and a way of going back in time to read about those events. Which I have to say, I’ve had to do many times.

My last post was of some of the maintenance that I had done to the Motorhome. As of today, I just have to re-string a few of the window shades. I figure I can do that job when and if we get a rainy day. Since last week, we have had great weather and I find myself doing jobs around the outside of our home.

Over grown shrub bed100_1244

The main thing I wanted to do was clean up the shrub bed in front of our home. We made the mistake this spring of planting Dahlia bulbs between the shrubs. This is not the outcome that we thought we would have. Way too “overgrown” and “messy” in my opinion. Wilma also felt that way. So I took a couple days to dig up all the bulbs and transplant them into a spot in the back yard. We will see next summer how that will look, and I hope it will be much better than the picture above.

Cleaned up with “new” mums planted. Hopefully they will grow next year.100_1267

Shrub bed cleaned up, and two new mum plants planted. We were told that they are “Hardy Mums” and that the winter won’t kill them. We will see next spring, as we have had those so called hardy mums before and they didn’t survive our cold winters.

Yes, I know my lawn is a mess. With our extremely hot summer and lack of rain, the weeds kind of took over. I will address that issue in the spring.

The garden seems to be done producing any tomatoes, so I think it’s time to clean it up also. I just noticed that my camera’s date is wrong, so don’t pay attention to the dates of the photo’s on this blog.

The size of the tomato plants completely hide the 3 pepper plants in the middle.100_1247

I’ll get to the garden in a few days.

Sunday the 9th.

Wilma and I decided we would like to take a ride North to our friends Gary and Cheryl’s home in Imlay City, MI. today. A perfect beautiful sunny day just can’t be wasted and we really enjoy the fall colors and the hour long drive to their home.

Wilma took control of the camera as I drove and got some great shots. Of course we were using our “Old” Kodak Easy Share camera, and we should have brought our Nikon D-40x. The pictures would have come out much better with the Nikon.

This one is just a block from our home.100_1251




Gary likes to play pranks, anything to get a laugh. Last week when I was working on the Motorhome doing the plumbing, he phoned me from his cell. Talked a while telling me what he was “doing around the yard” as we were talking. I took a break from the Kitchen plumbing project in the Motorhome, and sat on the couch having a conversation with him. Then the weirdest thing happened. I swear I heard his voice coming from the radio! What I thought, I don’t have “Bluetooth” in the MH like I do in my Chevy! I thought I was having a spell or something from working under the sink and getting up too fast. I got up and walked toward the dash of the MH. There he was, standing by the open window on the drivers door! He was fighting busting out laughing. He actually walked directly by me to get to the open window, but as I was on the couch I had my back to him and didn’t see him. Funny Gary….very funny! Even I had a chuckle on that one. It’s always great to see my best bud.

So I told Wilma of my plan for a “pay back” to Gary. I called him when I was just a half mile from his home, had the normal chit chat with him. During our conversations I learned that they just got up and was having their breakfast cereal. I mentioned that we might like to go out for a drive today looking at the colors and maybe stopping at a cider mill. He was planning on working on his step daughters car, which seems to have an intermittent electrical problem. I asked if they might like some company later this afternoon, which he said yea, stop by later. I then said that we would probably see him in about 4 hours or so and hung up. Imagine his face 5 minutes later when we walked up to their kitchen window waving at them in their bathrobes! Open-mouthed smile Yep…like they say…pay backs are great fun! We all had a laugh and great conversations. We plan on seeing them again on our last camping trip of the year next week.

Monday the 10th.

Had another visit this morning from Bob, a fellow work buddy that just retired the end of September. He and his wife Donna, just purchased their first RV and he had a question about the cap that covers the dump line. It seems that he can’t get it to fit and wondered if they make different sizes. I showed him the cap on my MH and they are the same, so I’m assuming that all the caps are the same size in depth. Tomorrow he will be bringing his MH over and I am going to show him how to winterize his MH.

Got the lawn mowed after Bob left, and headed for the garden to clean it up. Wilma and I talked about it and decided we would like to make the garden larger for next year. So we should have plenty of tomatoes to can for chili and juice.

A few pepper plants remain yet. Next year another garden strip along the garage on the left is planned.100_1268

Later as the leaves fall, I’ll grind them up and bury them in the garden area like my father has been doing for the past 40 years. He has the very best fertile soil for a garden, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of earth worms! So I figure I’ll follow in his footsteps.

Tuesday the 11th.

Bob arrived around 10am in his new to him Four Winds Class C  Motorhome. The main reason he brought it over to our home was to see how I winterize an RV. This RV is his first, and he was anxious to learn as much as I was willing to show him about the RV. He actually didn’t know where the water pump was located, so I figured he needed the very basics shown him first.

I started out explaining the two electrical systems first. He caught on quickly so I then moved on to the fresh water system. Showing him the water lines, fresh water pump, fresh water tank, and hot water tank. He didn’t quite have the “I’m overwhelmed” look yet, so I then moved on to how the waste is handled.

Then I proceeded to blow out his water lines with compressed air, and the other steps to completely winterize his MH. He caught on that procedure perfectly and feels confident that he will be able to do it himself next year. I assured him that I’m not planning on leaving this earth for a while yet, and that I should be around next year and he can bring his MH over again next year and I’ll watch as he prepares it for Winter. He really appreciated my help and actually took me up on that idea for next year.

Angel phoned me as we were finishing up with Bob’s MH and informed me that something went wrong with her computer. After explaining to me what happened I figured it might be the power supply. I told her I would come over later today, get the computer and bring it back home with me to work on it.

The first thing I noticed was it needed the dust blown out of it. After I got it cleaned, taken to my desk and plugged in, I noticed it did exactly what Angel said, nothing! No fans running, no lights blinking, no nothing. I got my meter out and to the best of my knowledge found that there was no voltage leaving any of the plugs coming out of the power supply. This shouldn’t be too hard to fix, so I phoned Angel letting her know what I found. She suggested that I look at her other computer, which I did. Her other computer has been sitting in her basement not plugged in for at least 3 years, maybe longer. I just knew Windows XP would have a gazillian updates. It turned out to being only 96 needed updates.

After all the updates were downloaded and installed there was some outdated software that needed to be removed. Making a long story shorter, 4 hours later we have a perfect running “older” computer that Angel can use until I get her main computer fixed. I will be taking it over to her on Thursday to introduce her to “Google Chrome” so she won’t have to use MS Explorer.

Wednesday the 12th.

Had a Dr. appointment at 1:30 today for my annual physical. I hate physicals! Embarrassed smile I guess every guy hates physicals, but knowing I’m over weight just adds to it.

Everything checked out better than last year! Well, except for the 2 pounds that I put on. Confused smile The only addition that the Dr. wants me to get is a stress test, as the EKG test showed a little change from last year. The Doc wasn’t alarmed with the change, just wanted the stress test for the records. We will see how that turns out in the near future. He then asked if there was anything else that concerned me. I mentioned about the pain that my right hip has been giving me for over 2 years now. I figured that it’s probably arthritis so there wasn’t much I could do about it but live with it. He then ordered X-Rays to see exactly what was what. After the X-Rays were taken, I was taken back to the examination room to wait for his diagnosis. Within 15 minutes he returned. He said he was amazed that I wasn’t in more pain than what I tend to show. I must of looked puzzled as he said you need to see these X-Rays. We went into another room and he pointed out my right hip, with all the arthritis and spurs around the joint. I said “Well I guess that just about explains why I am having trouble with this hip, so what is the plan now?” Eventually, hip replacement surgery was the answer. Deep down I knew that was what he was going to say. How soon will I need it? You will be the one to determine that, as the pain will only get worse. I thanked him and told him I would probably have it done on my return from our Florida trip next April.

That’s all from this past week, so until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Hip surgery seems to be a piece of cake for people. Congrats on your bill of health!