Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, Memories, and Yard Work

Yesterday being Halloween brought back so many memories for me. Fond memories at that!

Growing up as a kid, Halloween was one of those holidays that stayed with me in memory. I guess it’s because of the way we were raised. Mom and Dad instilled upon us that you should do to others that you would want to be done to you. We always had that saying fresh in our minds in our daily lives growing up. I guess that’s  probably what kept my brother and I out of some serious trouble in those growing up years.

However, on Halloween, or should I say Devils Night, Mom and Dad allowed us to go out and “soap” some windows. To us that was a pretty serious violation in our minds. That’s probably why this holiday sticks with me.

But most of all, it’s my Grand kids that keep bringing those fond memories back. Seeing them all dressed up in costume, all excited to hurry and go house to house trick or treating, reminds me of when I was a kid. Two generations later, and the same excitement is in the kids of today as for me when I was that age.

Savannah, Brooke and Rebecca DSC_4446

Today however the homes are decorated much better than when I was a kid. My neighbor actually starts decorating 3 weeks prior to Halloween. Every evening for those 3 weeks we almost have a parade of cars filled with admirers.

Some of the display in Benny’s front yard. 100_1305

Brooke waiting to get a picture of the clown that jumps out of the box.100_1312

Mr. Clown jumping up and toward anyone who walks near him. 100_1313

The clown jumping up and toward anyone who passes by scarred many trick or treaters. I could hear the kids screaming each time he jumped up and out!  What fun!

Have to walk through the spider web to get your treats.100_1318


How about a hazy Grave Yard…100_1324

I believe the home owners doing this decorating have as much fun, or maybe more fun, than the trick or treaters.

As the Grand Kids arrived back at our home, tired from walking, they did exactly the same thing I did when I returned home after hours of trick or treating. Dump the baskets and bags of candy on the living room floor, separating the “best” candy to keep, the rest to trade off.

Checking out the treats on the living room floorDSC_4448


Yep, seeing my Grand Kids having so much fun at Halloween, really brought back those old memories of yesteryear.

Today brought sunny skies and temperatures in the low 60’s. A perfect time for me to get out and get some leaves picked up, especially today as the weatherman is calling for rain in a couple days.

Flower pots need to be cleaned out and stored for the winter, leaves need picking up.100_1335

I had a few flower pots that needed to be cleaned out also. I actually lost track of the hours spent working in the yard today, even after a lunch break there was a few more hours of work left. I would venture to say I spent at least 5 hours working, which means I’m pretty pooped out and plan on relaxing the rest of the day.

Before and After pictures. I just noticed you can’t even tell I had ALL the leaves picked up. They are falling fast today.100_1338

Six bags packed tightly, weighing more than 50 lbs. each is what was collected today.100_1339

This evening I plan on taking “My Hon” out to dinner at our local family restaurant. Afterward just relaxing and probably going to bed early tonight.

So until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. Those grand kids took quite a haul. Did they share some with grandpa?

  2. That sure looks like an all out celebration:)

  3. WHOA!!!!
    That's some serious decorating for Halloween, wow!