Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This product really does work.

We all have seen those infomercials on TV of products that just seem way to un-believable. One of those products that I have seen for several years now, only around this time of year is the Light Keeper Pro. This gadget is said to fix those strings of Christmas lights that just refuse to light.


I, being a gadget kind a guy, just had to try it out as I had several strings of lights that were either fully out or partially out. Getting on the internet, I found that Lowes was the least expensive for this item. So off I went and with $17.00 removed from the wallet, I was now the proud owner of a “Light Keeper Pro”!

I have a large wreath that I hang on the front of the garage. Only half the lights actually work, and for the past several years I just wouldn’t plug it in. An un-lit wreath is better than no wreath at all I figured. So I followed the directions and within 5 minutes ALL the lights now work! Amazing! I didn’t have to change a single bulb. A few pulls of the trigger and like magic they all came on.

So with the smile on my face for “fixing” the bad string of lights, I hung the wreath up on the garage for season decorations. I then proceeded to tackle an even larger problem. More than half the lights on one of our “metal frame deer” doesn’t work. Following the instructions again, and presto, about half the lights turned on. Success, now lets see if we can get the remaining half to light. I just knew this was going to be a little more difficult as the bulbs that were out showed signs of being burnt inside the bulb. All the lights on the neck, head, and antlers showed signs of being burnt inside the bulbs.

Wire frame deer that 2/3rds. of the lights didn’t light up.100_1354

I tried to get the rest of them lit, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Knowing how much Wilma likes her deer, I took a trip to Walmart and purchased some white LED lights. I really hated to buy lights before Christmas, because of having to pay full price. But I just needed to get this deer out front working for Wilma.

Just 4 strings of the $7.00 LED lights, and about 3 hours of work, and presto, a fully lit deer. I’m sure we will get many years of trouble free service out of this deer now, and as a plus, I have many spare bulbs for the other deer that still has the “old fashion” bulbs!

Same deer but with new LED lights.100_1356

I just have to say, the deer looks much much better outside in the front yard lit up than it does on the kitchen table. Smile

Another update on our Samsung refrigerator. I first blogged about it HERE. It seems that the last repair was not the culprit. There is still a fan sounding like it’s hitting something and eventually slows and comes to a stop even while the compressor is still running. Another service call to Lowes was made, and tomorrow morning around 10am the service man will once again take a look and see if he can find a problem. Keeping my fingers crossed he does find a problem.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. nice to hear that one those gadgets actually work!!..nice deer! but you are right it will look much nicer on the front lawn so all the neighbours can enjoy it!!

  2. We once had a fridge that acted similar. Turned out defrost cycle wasn't working fan hit ice as it built up til the fan could no longer turn. good luck.