Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Motorhome is starting to Shine!

Yesterday I started washing the roof of the Motorhome. The first washing of the season is always the worst because of all the winter dirt.  It also took a little longer than usual scrubbing to remove it all. Didn’t make friends with the two hornets that were making a nest in the front air conditioner though. They just kept buzzing around, never landing to give me a sting, thank you very much!

Then I moved to the rear of the Motorhome. Continued using the extended handle brush made for washing this beast that I used on the roof. Wanted to see how my new power washer would handle this cleaning job, so I used the brush on only half of the rear panel. Then I used the power washer on the other half. Compared and could not tell the difference between the two halves. The power washer is less manual labor than the brush however.

Taking a closer look I noticed that there was quite a bit of dirt left behind. So up on the ladder with scrubbing pad and Bar Keepers Friend in hand. Every square inch was hand scrubbed. I kept telling myself that it will all be worth the extra effort after the wax is applied. I continued to the passenger side. Starting with using the brush then going over with the scrub pad and Bar Keepers Friend by hand removing all the tiny dirt specks left behind.

Passenger side before wax application.Clean No Wax

My arms were getting tired from scrubbing, my legs were getting tired from going up and down the ladder, so I called it a day with just the front and the drivers side to wash. Tomorrow I’ll start applying the wax to the clean areas.


The day started out great, having coffee on the deck with Wilma, watching the sun rise.

Like planned, I gathered my supplies to apply the Red Max Pro #3 Wax. After reading all the talk about this product on forums, I had an idea of what to expect. I was not disappointed one bit! Below are a few comparison pictures of before the wax and after the 4 coats of wax.

The rear of the MH Cleaned but NO wax applied. Just a slight shadow between the cloth and decals.Before Wax - Dull 

After the 4 coats of Wax. A noticeable shine.100_1071

The last time it looked this nice was when it was new! I’m very pleased to say the least.4 coats of floor wax

The sun was shinning quite warm by mid afternoon so I only applied to wax to a portion of the passenger side.

The far end past the awning arm has 4 coats of wax. This side of awning arm no wax. Notice the reflection of the ladder?Wax to the rear of awning arm. No wax from arm forward.

Final photo of the rear. I’m pretty happy with the shine. Now lets hope it lasts for a year without any problems.

You can actually see the reflection of my Flag behind the ladder! 

Nice Shine!

The wash and wax will be continued tomorrow, weather permitting.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Haley now has a Credit Union Account!

This afternoon I took Haley to our Credit Union so she could join and get herself a debit card for use at College. After opening the account she proceeded to deposit all her cash and checks that she received from her Graduation party. Her book of checks should arrive in a few weeks along with her debit card.

I just had to welcome her to the “Adult” world. Informed her that it’s the easiest thing in the world to use the debit card or write checks, as they both take money “out” of her account. The hardest part is putting money “into” the account. I believe she followed me exactly and will heed the warning.

From the Credit Union we headed for Micro Center Computer Store. I had promised to purchase a case for her laptop, and today was a good day to make good on that promise. As we walked down the aisle looking at the hundreds of cases, I helped her by pointing out the differences of some of the cases. Not too large, but large enough to carry a few books and supplies along with her laptop. She had her pick of the large assortment, and I believe she made a very wise decision.


Our Motorhome sits in the yard in dire need of a cleaning, and oil change. Looking at the weather forecast for the next few days it looks like tomorrow I’ll start working on getting a shine back on the Motorhome.

I’ve been following quite a bit of talk on the famous forum. There have been many very satisfied RV’ers who had great results with a product called Red Pro Max #3. Following the discussions I was led to Lowe’s to purchase a gallon yesterday.

This is the before picture just after cleaning. No this is NOT my MH. It’s taken from this link: Click Here


After Pro Max #3 application. Look at that shine!


Showing the “before” dull stripe decal.


The decal after the Pro Max #3 application. Great shine!


Now I realize that my Motorhome is just a 1996 Fiberglass Winnebago Adventurer. That it does not have the “clear coat” fiberglass finish like pictured above. Actually you can see small fiberglass fibers in my Motorhomes’ fiberglass. So if I don’t get as great of a job as the pictures above, I’ll understand, but I can dream can’t I? Winking smile 

Seeing how I’ll probably be pretty busy the next couple days, there may or may not be a blog post tomorrow. I want to take the same “before and after” pictures of my Motorhome. Keep your fingers crossed for me will you?


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Haley’s Graduation Party

The weather was perfect for an outdoor party!
The yard and Deck were ready. So Let The Graduation Party Begin!
The Deck was full, and the yard was filling fast with family, and friends.
At 2pm Wilma announced that the food was ready and located in the basement.
Haley cutting the cake for her guests. Mom and Brother Dakota looking on.
Some guests chose to eat indoors (close to the food Smile) Others chose to enjoy the beautiful weather and eat outdoors. Everyone made themselves at home, which Wilma and I appreciated.
Rebecca, (Haley’s classmate) even had time to take a short catnap after dinner Smile.
Everyone seemed to have had a great time at Haley’s graduation party.
Congratulations Haley!
Wishing you much success on your future achievements at Aquinas College in a couple months.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father’s Day with Family

The weather was just perfect! The visitors to our home was just perfect! The grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with Wilma’s special potato salad was just perfect! What more can a Dad/Grandpa ask for?

Getting the grill ready for the burgers and dogs.DSC_2819

It just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t “goof around” with the Grandkids.DSC_2822

I always try to show each Grandkid a little special attention when they visit with me.

Couldn’t forget messing with Haley on the Puter!DSC_2824

Before everyone arrived, Wilma was busy in the kitchen making the Potato Salad and the Hamburger Patties. She said she made a very special hamburger for our youngest Granddaughter Savannah.

Here is Savannah getting a chuckle from her Special HamburgerDSC_2828

Even though I told both daughters NOT to give me any gifts, they disobeyed me once again! I guess when you have “adult” daughters they are going to do what they want, not necessarily what you want. I just hate to see them spend their money when times are tough like they are for them.

A gift from Brooke and Angel.


Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Even Dakota was in a good mood! Way to go Dakota!Open-mouthed smile

Sorry Tina, you were caught at just the wrong timeDSC_2836

Tina will probably not like this picture, but she’s a sport and will get a chuckle out of it I’m sure.

The Girls having their own little picnic.DSC_2837

Thank You to my family for a wonderful and memorial day this Fathers day!

And to all the fathers who read this, I extend to you all a Happy Father’s Day and hope that your day was as nice as mine.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swing is Painted ~ 6th. Grade Graduation ~ Semi Repaired Mower.

It only took 2 days to get the outdoor yard swing painted, and Wilma and I are pretty pleased at how it came out.




Yard Swing “Before” Paint.




Yard Swing “After” Paint.

I’m happy it’s finally done! I told Wilma that I think I’ve done enough painting for the year. To re-cap since I’ve retired, both bathrooms, the deck, and now the outdoor swing.

I was honored to attend Rebecca’s 6th. grade graduation ceremony today with her mom Tina and sister Haley. I handed the camera to Tina and told her to “shoot away”. Between her and Haley they took  about 50 pictures, while I tried to perfect my video taking.

Rebecca with her teacher just after receiving her certificates.DSC_2789

I’m beginning to believe with these ultra small, fit in your palm video camera’s, isn’t possible to get video without the jerky effect. The camera I have even has a built in “anti shake” feature. That helps, but zooming in just defeats the purpose. But the video will be treasured by Rebecca for many years to come I’m sure.

Tina mentioned a few days ago that her lawn mower quit working. She had the maintenance staff take a quick look at it and they determined that the belt needed replacement. So after Rebecca’s ceremony, I loaded Tina’s lawn mower into the trunk of my car for a trip to my garage.

This lawn mower was previously mine. I bought it close to 20 years ago. When Angel and Tina needed a lawn mower I took it over to Angel’s home. Tina just lived a couple short blocks away. Close enough for Dakota to walk and get it to cut their lawn also. This worked well for about 2 years until Angel moved into a Condo where the lawn maintenance is taken care of by the Association. Tina then received the lawn mower to put into her storage shed for her use.

I removed the blade to sharpen it, plus it needed to be removed to remove the belt. One of the rusty bolts holding on the belt guard broke taking off the guard. Disappointed smile So I knew I would have to drill it out and use an “easy out” to remove the old rusty bolt.

Off to the auto parts store to buy a new belt. The first belt seemed to be the right size, but after installing it I found it was just a bit too small. Removed it, took it back to the auto parts store, exchanged it for the next size larger. Returned home, installed the belt tried it out and it seemed to work “once”. It jumped off the pulley without the guard. Confused smile

Getting out the tools needed, I proceeded to remove the broken, rusty bolt. After an hour working on it, and breaking my “easy out” I had to give up and declare defeat. The old lawn mower is now a push mower!

I also changed the oil, and put fresh gas in the tank. Pulled the start cord and it fired up like a new lawn mower! Great! Dakota now has a lawn mower to get the grass cut, but it will be just a little more work on his part.

Tomorrow, Thursday, if this great weather holds out I might, just might get my lawn mowed. Then I will be going over to Dad’s house to take him out to dinner.

I’ve been retired now 166 days. Feel more tired now than when I worked full time. I guess that just goes to show you that my employment job really wasn’t that demanding on me! Who me?Open-mouthed smile Oh well, I knew it really wasn’t demanding on me physically. But I had no idea how “out of shape” I have been getting these last few years! This old body sure doesn’t take long to tell me “enough already!” Take a break, no, better yet quit for the day! And this all happens sometimes before noon!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.



Monday, June 13, 2011

Granddaughter Haley’s HS Graduation

Yesterday afternoon we attended our eldest Granddaughter’s HS Graduation ceremony.

We had to drive to Pontiac, MI. where there is a “HUGE” indoor soccer building. No building around the immediate area of the High School was large enough to accommodate the number of people that were going to attend.

I’m not sure of the exact number of graduates, my guess around 500. Each graduate was issued 6 guest tickets. So you can imagine the size of the audience watching.

Tina, her mom, chose to sit high in the bleachers.

Tina is the 3rd. from the left, second row from the top, sitting with Rebecca her daughter.DSC_2676

I have to give Haley credit. She was alert, and knowing there was going to be no particular order the graduates were to enter, headed for the staging area to get in the front row.

Wilma used the Nikon camera with the 200mm lens and I tried to get video. Of course with having to zoom up so much the video came out quite jerky.



The ceremony went pretty well except for a couple speakers. One in particular had talked for almost 40 minutes about his school life starting in kindergarten and going through to his Senior year. I leaned over and asked Wilma, “Is it me or does this speaker have absolutely nothing, no advice at all, to the graduating class”?  She agreed with me, and later even Haley mentioned how boring he was.


I mentioned to Wilma. “Haley isn’t the only short petite gal in her graduating class, there is a dark haired gal next to her about the same height!” Later on that evening we noticed there were many short young ladies in her graduating class. Like I say, “Short, Petite, and cute as a button!”

Exchanging student ID for Diploma. 

Exchanging student ID for Diploma

We left the building along with many other visitors, and waited outside for the graduates to leave the building. We wanted to get some video and pictures of her and the excitement on her face. But too many other proud parents, friends, and relatives had the same idea.

Haley receives her first congratulate hug from little sister Rebecca.DSC_2746

Tina, (Mom) ~ Haley ~ Josh(Boyfriend) ~ and Wilma(Na-Na)DSC_2763

The parking lots are also huge. The parking lot where our car was parked is more than a quarter mile away. The school pre-arranged shuttle busses to get people from the lots to the stadium and back to the lots again. So we were treated to another ride in the famous yellow school bus!

Our limo awaits for us.


From there we stopped at the Golden Corral for dinner afterward. By the time we arrived home it was close to 9:30pm. It made for a very long day and we were all tired. But…not too tired to get another couple pictures with our new Graduate!


Very proud Grandparents we are of our first Grandchild, Haley.


Your entire family is so very proud of you Haley! Job well done. Now onto the next challenge….College.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.