Thursday, January 12, 2012

Final 4th. Bedroom is finally done.

Today I put the finishing touches on the 4th. bedroom. With the help of Wilma, we hung the curtains, and an antique picture frame.


The finished 4th. bedroom.

I really took my time on this job. I actually started around December 3rd. removing the old carpet and patching the walls prior to painting. Then came the beginning of the installation of the new floor on December 17th.  The walls and ceiling only took 14 days. Now that’s what I call “milking the job”! As there is just two of us living in a 4 bedroom home there was no rush to get the room completed.


The installation of the new floor.

Wilma wanted to keep the “Antique” look for this room, so the first piece of furniture that went in was the vanity dresser. It was from my parents first bedroom furniture set bought in 1949. So I guess that qualifies that piece. The next was the oval picture hung to the left of the the window. It came from my Grandparents next door neighbor, we called her “Aunt Becky”  who gave it to Wilma. It’s vintage is somewhere around the 1920’s. It’s actually a convex piece of glass that was hand painted on the inside. I remember Aunt Becky telling us it was supposed to be a famous castle in Germany on the Danube River.


The gold colored round piece above the picture is what was used to hang the picture. Back in those days, the walls were plaster. There was a fairly large decorative molding that was on the walls about 8 inches from the ceiling. On the backside of the gold colored piece is a steel hook that actually fit over and hooked to the molding. We could have hung this picture without using the hanging piece, but I thought it gave it justice to show it just as it was back in the ‘20’s. This is something that Wilma will cherish forever.

Now that this job is completed we both can focus on getting the Motorhome ready for our “Snowbird” flight to Florida late next month. We both are getting pretty excited about that, as this will be our very 1st. time we will be living in Florida for more than a couple weeks.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. The room looks very nice -- now for some fun in the sun!

  2. Nice work, everything looks so nice. But aren't installing those floors hard on the knees We just did our kitchen and living room.

  3. It's murder on the knees! In the second photo you can see my knee pads that I had to use. Those "snap together" wooden floors look so easy to put together, but they are not easy at all. I'm happy this job is done!