Friday, January 6, 2012

Inverter Installed

I have been waiting for a week for today to get here. Why you may be asking? Because the weather forecast was for the temperatures to get up to 50 today! Can you believe it? This is January 6th. in Michigan, and it reached 50 degrees F. today! What a beautiful day it was indeed.

By 10am this morning I was outside getting my tools ready for the installation of my new Sunforce Pro Series 1000 Watt Inverter.

Sunforce Inverter

For what I need it for it is a bit overkill, but Amazon was having a sale on this model making it cheaper than the model below it. And we all know, I’m a cheapskate! Winking smile

Wilma and I had talked a few weeks ago on where the best place would be to install the inverter. With the supply cables being 10 ft. long, I knew it would be somewhere close to the Deep Cycle House Batteries. Wilma came up with the idea of putting it under the kitchen sink. There is a shelf under the sink that is used, but the area under that shelf is available. So after taking some measurements, I found that it indeed would fit in that area.


I would have to first construct a platform between the tan enclosure and the front of the cabinet. To the garage I went and found in my lumber pile the plywood and material needed.


Removable platform in place.

Now it would be a matter of measuring, marking, and drilling the holes in the floor for the 12 volt wiring. Below is the largest outdoor storage area I have. The wiring must pass through this storage compartment, make a 90 degree turn and out to the battery compartment which is just below the steps at the entryway.


Wires dropping through the floor into the storage compartment.

The next step was to drill holes the size of garden hose in the metal compartment wall. This will then get the wires to the battery compartment.


The 12 volt wires going into the battery compartment.

I was lucky in that the 12 volt wires could pass through an old garden hose. So I used the garden hose to isolate any vibration of the wires when passing through the floor and the metal compartment.


The 12 volt wires connected to the “backside” of the inverter.

There is plenty of room available to store the needed Heavy duty extension cord next to the inverter.


The 110 VAC side. The on/off switch, 2 outlets, a 12dc outlet, and meter.

I realize that one of the cabinet doors will have to be slightly open for any cord to be plugged into the inverter. This is ok with me as it will allow for extra ventilation. The only time we will be using this inverter is at night, as we both must use CPAP machines when sleeping.  

Last year I used a much smaller “Modified Sine Wave Inverter” to operate my CPAP machine. The batteries held out all night without any noticeable voltage drop. With this “Pure Sine Wave Inverter” we are unsure if both machines can operate the 6 to 8 hours needed without the unit shutting down with low voltage from the deep cycle batteries.  The inverter will shut itself off if the voltage in the batteries drops to around 10 volts. We will be keeping our fingers crossed the first night we use the inverter. At the worst we just won’t get a full night sleep. If that happens I might have to be thinking of adding another deep cycle battery to the two we already have.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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